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Inalco Care & Maintenance

Inalco Touche Super Blanco Gris

Recommended uses

For Inalco MDi surfaces to conserve their original beauty, these guidelines should be followed:

Use chopping boards to cut food. Some knives have a similar hardness to the countertop so should not be used directly on its surface.

In spite of being a material of great hardness, it is not recommended to clean the surface with materials with a hardness that is higher than MDi.

Countertops with polished finishes or dark colours are easier to scratch and so metal objects should not be dragged directly across their surfaces.


Inalco MDi slabs stand out for their hardness and resistance. Even so, care must be taken with those parts of the worktops and countertops most exposed to knocks, such as corners, edges and bevel edges.


Inalco MDi has an almost non-porous surface and so it is easy to clean. Even so, a series of guidelines should be followed to remove different everyday stains typically found in kitchens and bathrooms.

The stains should be cleaned away as soon as they occur, using a cloth moistened with water, to prevent them from drying. In the case of dry stains, moisten the area with hot water in order to soften the dirt and then remove it with a clean cloth. Before any type of special cleaning product is used on ceramic slabs with a polished finish, test it out on an area that is not very visible to check that the shine or colour is not affected by the product.

To download our Care and Maintenance notice for polished finished slabs, please click here

The recommendations above cannot reflect all possible applications or factors involved in the on-site use and installation of our products. As a result, before they are used, the project manager, architect or materials specifier should make sure that these materials and any others used to lay them are suitable for the intended use, being fully responsible for the outcome of their use. CRL Stone cannot be held liable if these recommendations are not followed or if the slabs are wrongly laid. No claims will be accepted for slabs once they have been laid.