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What is quartz?

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals found at earths surface. It typically occurs as colourless or white hexagonal prisms that are extremely hard (second to diamond). Thanks to its unique properties, it is one of the most useful natural materials to create sturdy, yet stylish kitchen surfaces.

Where does quartz originate from?

Quartz occurs in nearly all acid igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. It is an essential mineral in such silica-rich felsic rocks as granites, granodiorites, and rhyolites.

How is quartz made?

A quartz surface is a man-made, engineered stone typically comprising of 93% quartz, along with various resins, polymers and pigments. Air is removed from the mix which is then shaped into slabs and heated at high temperatures to create a wide range of hard-wearing surface colours and finishes.

What are the main differences between quartz and granite / marble?

A new kitchen is a big investment, so it is natural that you want to make sure you choose the right surface for your needs. As quartz surfaces are man-made, they are available in a wide range of colours and all slabs of a specific colour can show the exact same pattern. This provides you with consistency throughout your work surface that is not always possible with a natural stone.

What are the key benefits of having a quartz worksurface?

Because of the hardness of natural quartz, engineered quartz surfaces are hard-wearing, stain, scratch and heat resistant. Their non-porous properties mean that they are very hygienic as the build-up of bacteria or mould is prevented and food can be placed in direct contact with the surface which helps keep your family safe.

Can you use quartz in a bathroom?

Quartz is non-porous, making it suitable for bathroom environments. It is often used for vanity tops where water and soap splashes occur regularly without damaging the surface.

How long should quartz last for in a kitchen or bathroom?

CRL Quartz worktops should last the entire lifetime of a kitchen if they are taken care of properly. Click here to consult our care and maintenance recommendations. CRL Quartz also comes with a warranty for added peace of mind.

Is quartz a good option for a family?

Quartz is hardwearing and versatile, making it the perfect surface for a busy family. Whether it is installed in a small kitchen used for cooking purposes only or in a large open-plan space where cooking, children’s homework and guests’ entertainment occur regularly, it will withstand all activities of a busy environment.

What colours does quartz come in?

Natural quartz generally occurs as colourless or white. Engineers mix the minerals with resins, polymers and pigments to create a wide variety of colours which can replicate the look of natural materials such as marble and granite, as well as materials such as concrete to name a few. Click here to see the CRL Quartz Collection.

How many colours does quartz come in?

CRL Quartz offers a large range of colours to choose from. Our collection includes all types of styles, from plain colours such as Ultra White, which is the whitest white available in the market today, to striking materials such as Calacatta which emulates the look of natural Calacatta marble without any of the drawbacks.

Does quartz scratch and can you cut directly onto it?

Quartz is one of the earths hardest natural materials, which is an assurance that your CRL Quartz surface will not easily scratch or chip. Food can be cut directly on to the surface without it being damaged, however we would recommend the use of an adapted cutting board.

Can you put hot pans directly onto quartz?

Quartz surfaces are heat resistant. They can tolerate moderately hot temperatures for a short period of time. They do not burn or give off smoke or toxic substances when exposed to high temperatures. Even so, we always recommend using a trivet for peace of mind.

How do you remove difficult spills from quartz?

Thanks to their non-porous properties, CRL Quartz surfaces are highly resistant to stains.However, do not allow dirt and residue such as stubborn food or gum stains to harden and remain on CRL Quartz surfaces for an extended period of time. If this should happen, scrape away gently using a small blade or putty remover before cleaning the surface with warm water and soap.For stubborn or dried on spillages, use a non abrasive cleaning pad combined with a small amount of mild soap or specialised stone cleaner.Recommended stain remover: Bar Keepers Friend Power Cream.

Which performs better – quartz, granite or marble?

Quartz surfaces are more resistant to wear and tear than natural stones, such as granite and marble. As it is a man-made product, it combines extremely hard quartz minerals (second to diamond) with high quality resins, polymers and pigments to give it its renowned strength and resistance to stains, scratches, heat and impact.On the other hand, granite and marble are natural materials taken straight from the ground which means that they come with natural weaknesses including a lower resistance to stains, scratches, heat and impact. Whilst quartz surfaces never need to be sealed to keep their properties, granite and marble require a higher level of maintenance to keep them performing to their best.

Do you need to apply sealant to quartz?

Quartz is a non-porous material that never needs to be sealed to keep it as good as new.

Can quartz be repaired if damaged?

If damaged, CRL Quartz can be repaired by a specialist. Contact us and we may be able to recommend a local supplier.

How do you clean quartz?

Because CRL Quartz is non-porous, it never needs to be sealed, making it very easy to care for. The surface is virtually maintenance free and can be cleaned with extreme ease. For routine cleaning and to wipe off spillages, use a damp cloth or paper towel with a small amount of mild soap or non-acidic cleaner. Once clean, rinse and dry the surface thoroughly.Note that colours available in a honed finish are more sensitive to grease or finger-prints than polished surfaces and may require extra care during routine cleaning due to the different level of smoothness.Consult our Care and Maintenance page for more details.

What products can I use / not use on quartz?

CRL Quartz is not affected by products like wine, oil, vinegar, or citrus juice, provided that the stains are cleaned away within 24 hours. We always recommend using a mild detergent and a soft cloth as it is all that is needed to clean the worktop effectively.Avoid exposing CRL Quartz to chemicals and solvents, especially paint removers or furniture strippers containing trichloroethane or methylene chloride. Keep away nail polish remover, bleach or cleansers that contain bleach, bluing, permanent markers or inks. Strong abrasive and high alkaline (outside of 5-9pH) cleansers are not recommended when cleaning CRL Quartz. If any of the substances listed above come into contact with CRL Quartz, rinse the exposed surface immediately and thoroughly with plenty of clean water.

Where can I buy quartz?

Quartz should be bought via a specialised stone fabricator who can provide a quote, cut the slabs and install the worktops for you. Please contact us with your requirements and your postcode and we will put you in touch with a trusted, local fabricator.

How much should I expect to pay for quartz?

Quartz is available in a wide range of prices, depending on the material and the fabrication/installation labour required to fit the worktops in your kitchen. Contact us with the name of your desired material and your plans and we will put you in touch with a local fabricator who can give you a precise quote.

Can I order a sample of quartz?

You can order your free samples of CRL Quartz here.

Where can I see an installation of a quartz worktop?

Hundreds of kitchen showrooms in the UK and Ireland have one or several CRL Quartz displays which are available for you to view. Contact us with the material you would like to see and your postcode and we will advise the nearest showroom to visit.

Can I install quartz myself?

We would always recommend that you use a professional installer to ensure that it is the most suitable surface for your needs and that it is installed properly.

Where can I find a quartz fabricator / installer?

Please contact us with your requirements and your postcode and we will put you in touch with one of our trusted, local fabricators.

Does quartz come with a warranty?

CRL Quartz surfaces come with a 25-year residential warranty and 10 year commercial warranty for added peace of mind. Don’t forget to click here to register your surface and activate your warranty as soon as possible once it has been installed.

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