When you are choosing a new kitchen worktop or bathroom countertop, it is important that the surface chosen is versatile. It’s a highly visible fixture so it needs to work in harmony with other materials and colours in the room. CRL Quartz surfaces can be introduced seamlessly into any style of home, whether classic or contemporary and now with the introduction of three new colours there is even more choice, adding to the versatility of this material.

Responding to trends in kitchen and bathroom design which are leaning more and more towards the use of nature-inspired materials, bold patterning and muted, neutral colour palettes, the three new CRL Quartz surfaces offer even more opportunity to introduce the latest looks into the home with ease.

Inspired by classic marble and with a natural feel that helps bring the outdoors in all year round, Vesuvius combines with virtually any other material and colourway. Its distinctive pattern will make the surface into an instant focal point wherever and however it is used. Strong and vibrant, yet subtle enough to blend seamlessly into its surroundings, Vesuvius is an elegant mix of classic and modern.

CRL Quartz Staccato

For something a little darker, the CRL Quartz range also now features Staccato. Darker tones in kitchen design are particularly prominent in 2021 and this surface makes introducing the look a real joy. Staccato offers all the beauty of marble in a highly practical quartz. Its white veining running throughout is a brilliant contrast to the darker background and makes a really striking impression. This surface would work particularly well over large spaces like island units or splashbacks.

The third new surface to join the CRL Quartz range is Urban Grey. While its name might suggest this is a material best suited to contemporary interiors, this is a quartz that will be quite at home in traditional settings too. The trend for shades of grey in the kitchen and the bathroom has been going strong for some time now and shows no signs of abating. This popular colourway combines effortlessly with virtually any other colour and offers something of a blank canvas for inputting your own personality and creativity. Urban Grey has a subtle fleck running throughout the surface for a modern twist on a design classic.

CRL Quartz Urban Grey

Each of the three new quartz surfaces are excellent partners for some of the hottest trends in kitchen design, including the use of materials such as wood and metal for an industrial-inspired look.

CRL Quartz is not only highly practical for rooms like the kitchen, it is also undeniably striking whichever style is chosen. This makes it the perfect choice for use on kitchen islands, splashbacks and worktops in more general areas. The visual advantages of this material are not outweighed by the practical benefits, with quartz being an incredibly hard-wearing, durable and easy to clean surface, resistant to scratches, stains and water making it the perfect choice for areas of the home such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Why not order samples of the new CRL Quartz colours and see for yourself how beautiful they really are?

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