31 March 2017

Choosing a colour scheme for your new kitchen is an exciting process and with so many shades to choose from for furniture, appliances and ceramic worktops, it can often be a lengthy process.

One colour trend in kitchen design that never goes out of fashion is white. From white cabinets to crisp white surfaces, you simply can’t go wrong and it is a colour that can be dressed up or down as you fancy. Ideal for making small kitchens appear much bigger and offering a blank canvas for adding your own style and individuality in larger, open-plan kitchens, white brings a timeless, fresh elegance to any setting.

A white worktop in the kitchen makes a particularly powerful impact, working visually to draw the eye and contrasting brilliantly with darker colours and materials used elsewhere in the kitchen. While white can be quite unforgiving in terms of blemishes and imperfections, there is no need for concern with a white porcelain or quartz surface. Such materials are ideal for the kitchen surfaces and are easy to care for and keep looking crisp and clean.

By contrast, black is another very popular colour in the kitchen, often combining with white surfaces to create a striking monochrome effect. Indeed, this look can also be very successfully reversed, with black work surfaces topping white or light coloured kitchen furniture.

The idea of black cabinets in a kitchen may sound a little oppressive, but this can actually work quite well in a space with only a few wall units, or with open shelving, where there’s lots of white walls and natural light. White surfaces work here to balance out all the black. Far from a fad, black and white kitchens, when teamed with a few touches of copper or gold, a bold colour or warm woods, can take on a glamorous yet timeless feel.

To ensure longevity for the future, furniture doors have become simpler, with clean lines and a pared-back style currying favour. Often offsetting the tension between rustic, modern and traditional kitchens, this look goes perfectly with a black or white colour scheme, which is simple yet effective. Black furniture offset by a white surface, or vice versa creates a clean, sleek and visually appealing design.

So if you are looking for a colour scheme for your kitchen that will stand the test of time and give visual impact for all the right reasons, the answer may just be in black and white.

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