24 September 2019

If you’re considering a kitchen revamp then you’re likely to have a style in mind, leaning either towards a modern or traditional theme. But how about combining a little of both, to create a classic contemporary kitchen? The finished effect will be a modern kitchen with tradition at its heart.

While the classic kitchen will never really go out of fashion, times inevitably do change and as they do the kitchen and how we use it evolves, consequently the way the space is designed and the choice of fixtures and fittings within it cater for a more modern way of life. This has resulted in a new style; the classic contemporary kitchen that combines traditional elements with modern influences. The reason classic contemporary kitchens are becoming so popular is because of the sense of timelessness that is created. New touches can be added over time as trends pass through, yet the overall effect won’t date.

So what’s the secret to creating a classic contemporary kitchen? Much of it is down to combining colours, materials and finishes in a balanced way. Layer the design, beginning with a classic framework and adding contemporary touches to give the space that all-important modern touch. Introducing an on-trend colour to a traditional shaker style cabinet door is just one of the many ways that old can successfully be combined with new. The inclusion and combination of materials including stainless steel, stone, wood and glass gives the space its timeless edge. Introduce these on handles, worktops, appliances and tiles to create a space that is eclectic and full of personality.

Think of a classically-styled kitchen and the materials that are likely to spring to mind may include stone and wood, with a muted colour scheme. These are now also very popular choices for the contemporary setting too, but it is the way that they are combined that creates the timeless finish that is now so desirable.

Worktops also play a key role in the classic contemporary kitchen, as one part of the room’s design that is always on show. Contemporary furniture can be given a more classical appearance with the use of marble-effect ceramic or quartz worktops. Marble is so often a favourite in the classically-styled setting, by using a Marble-effect ceramic you can ensure that while the look is classic, the durability of the materials surface will withstand the general wear and tear of modern-day life.

With neutral tones continuing to dominate kitchen design whether traditional or modern, a marble-inspired veining on worktops and splashbacks offer the ideal way of introducing personality into the space. Built for the demands of modern living, yet with classic detailing evident through its appearance, Ceralsio Cervino is a case in point, with its satin finish and marble-inspired patterning on a crisp white background.

Marble-inspired materials such as Ceralsio Montblanc White can also be paired with virtually any colour scheme and other materials for a new interpretation of a design classic.

Technology also offers important ways to blend old with new in the kitchen, of course. Think of an instant hot water tap, for example, fashioned in a classical style, or an all-singing, all-dancing combination oven housed within traditional Shaker-style furniture.

With so many ways to create a classic contemporary kitchen available, it can be helpful to seek inspiration to create your own dream space. Find it by visiting our Photo Gallery.

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