Whether you have family descending over the festive season or often have friends around for barbecues and dinner parties, the kitchen is always a favourite spot for everyone to congregate. So, if you are planning a new kitchen with frequent entertaining in mind, make sure it is a multi-functional space that works on every level, from cooking to socialising.

Here are our top tips for creating the perfect kitchen for entertaining.

1) Go open-plan – catering for a crowd involves making sure that there is enough space for everyone. An open-plan layout encourages everyone to be social. An island unit topped in a contrasting material will create an instant focal point.

CRL Quartz Verona
CRL Quartz White Water – Crouch Design

2) Turn your island unit into an action station – by integrating appliances such as a hob and oven into the island unit the chef won’t miss out on the socialising. And by clearing some space and adding bar stools the island becomes the perfect spot for your guests to pitch up and party. As a piece of furniture that is so often in action, the surface should not just look good but also be hard-wearing and easy to clean, with quartz and ceramic both desirable options. Durability is also important, with any spillages easy to wipe clean and worktops able to withstand the heat from pots and pans straight from the stove when cooking up a culinary feast.

3) Think minimal – creating a relaxed, laid back vibe is important to ensure your guests are comfortable. The entertaining kitchen is about so much more than cooking alone, so hide appliances behind closed doors and opt for worktops with a slim profile for a ‘less is more’ look that can carry from kitchen through to living space.

4) Store smartly – no-one can completely relax when surrounded by clutter so smart storage solutions are important, particularly when the kitchen is open-plan and always on show. Keep your worktops neat and clutter-free by investing in integral storage such as drawer organisers and pull-out trays that maximise on space behind cupboard doors.

CRL Quartz River White
CRL Quartz River White

5) Add personality – a streamlined, well-ordered kitchen is all well and good, but the space needn’t lack character and flair as a result. A worktop with a patterned veining, such as those from the CRL Quartz marble range, for example, gives the space a unique look and draws the eye, while a colourful or bold patterned splashback transforms the kitchen from a utilitarian space to one that is always ready for fun.

6) Allow flexibility – There is an emerging trend for exposed shelving and storage areas, displaying statement pieces. This adds character to the room by breaking up the clean lines, while also allowing the flexibility for seasonal changes, keeping the kitchen looking stylish, modern and fresh.

7) Be consistent – a well-planned entertaining space will fit seamlessly with the overall design of your property, so that wherever your guests meander they always feel at home. Achieve this by using the same or similar colours and finishes throughout. It’s fine to make your kitchen standout, perhaps by introducing different materials, but make sure they complement the overall interior design of your home.

For more ideas and design inspiration for creating the perfect kitchen for entertaining browse the CRL Quartz and Ceralsio collections.

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