If a new or revamped kitchen is on your home renovation to-do list, take a look at the latest design trends coming through for inspiration on the new kitchen trends of 2022.

When it comes to choosing a style and design of kitchen, the options are seemingly endless and the task can therefore appear daunting. Having lots of choice is certainly a good thing, but by keeping an eye on what colours, materials and finishes are coming into fashion, that feeling of overwhelm can be avoided.

Here, we take stock of what are likely to be some of the top kitchen trends for 2022.

Expressive marble
Marble-effect materials have been a popular choice for the kitchen for a while, and now they’re getting bolder and even more expressive. Not only does marble patterning shout luxury and high-end quality, but it is also the perfect partner to metallic finishes such as brass and gold, which are also big players in the fashion stakes currently.

Strong patterning and an emphasis on detail help make a striking impression and add instant bursts of personality while overall keeping to a neutral theme. Calacatta, for example, when used on a kitchen island or as part of a feature wall, really draws the eye while working in harmony with the décor around it. With a shift in interior design overall this year towards maximalism, expressive marble can help strike just the right balance.

Deep tones
The shift towards, bold and deep colours in the kitchen is not new but is likely to expand further still into 2022. Shades like dark greens, maroon, grey and navy are particularly popular. For smaller kitchens these work particularly well on furniture when teamed with a lighter colour worktop to lift the look, while larger and light-filled rooms can more easily accommodate a combination of these deep, dark tones on work surfaces too.

Back to nature
From natural and nature-inspired materials to unpolished finishes and eco-friendly products, the environment will have a big influence on kitchen design trends in the months ahead. Nature-inspired materials and colours in particular help create a calm and comforting atmosphere; something that perhaps unsurprisingly a lot of homeowners are craving now. The earthy base colour found in Savannah, for example, adds warmth and a subtle sense of welcome.

There’s also a movement towards recycled kitchens too, which is not only a sustainable option but can be purse-friendly too and something worth researching if you are redesigning on a budget.

CRL Quartz Savannah surface
CRL Quartz Savannah
CRL Quartz Verona

Mixing and matching
There is no better way to create an eclectic, individual look than by combining various materials and colours in a diverse way. Teaming stone-effect work surfaces with glass-fronted cabinets and brass handles, for example, helps put a unique stamp on the space, creating a homely feel that is original and different.

The multi-functional kitchen
When it comes to kitchen layouts, flexibility will be key in 2022. The move towards home working is likely to continue so incorporating a quiet area into an otherwise busy and social open-plan kitchen living space will be important for many.

Smart appliances
From boiling water taps that do everything except pour your coffee for you, to ovens with in-built recipe ideas and fridges that order our groceries, the kitchen is getting smarter and working harder. It’s all about adding convenience to our daily lives and by making our homes tech-savvy spaces we can raise the comfort levels up another notch too.

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