Move over blue, there is a new colour trending in the kitchen. Perfect for bringing nature indoors throughout the changing of the seasons, green is well and truly being seen in homes both classical and contemporary in style and looks to be one of the popular kitchen colours of the next year.

Creating a sense of calm amongst the chaos, green is a tranquil colour that is also extremely versatile, making it a popular option among homeowners who are also keen to include some of the latest material trends in their new kitchen design. Like blue before it, green has a timeless elegance too which means it is hard to see either colour really ever going out of fashion or seriously dating the kitchen.

But it is undeniably one of the most popular kitchen colour options of 2021, as a search on Instagram or Pinterest will quickly testify. At a time when we are all being encouraged to think more sustainably and with an eco-friendly vibe entering our homes, green brings a sense of revitalisation and freshness to the kitchen.

Green’s soothing tones mean it works harmoniously with everything from brass handles and brushed copper taps, to stone-effect surfaces, timber and other trending colours like soft pinks and even sophisticated black and dark grey.

Fresh, clean and helping to bring the outdoors in all year round, green comes in many shades, from dark and subdued to something a little more earthy, ensuring that it will work just as well in compact spaces as it will in large, open plan settings and against virtually any backdrop. Designing a kitchen with dark green cabinetry needs a careful hand. The deep tones of the green may be dramatic but they will not reflect light, nor will they create a warm, welcoming appeal for the room. Introducing materials such as wood and stone will carry through the natural theme while creating a welcoming and warm ambience, while a good lighting scheme will also help to highlight any particularly dark spots in the kitchen. On the flipside to this, opting for a pale green will create a very calming and peacefulness, which may well benefit smaller kitchens that tend to be quite busy spaces.

The sheer versatility of this colour though, means that when it comes time to choose worktops to work alongside this popular colour scheme, the freedom of choice is never really greater.

Marble-effect surfaces are particularly suited to this colourway, which encourages the pattern itself to really stand out and strike a pose. Calacatta Dorado, for example, scattered as it is with intricate marble-like veins, is a strong and distinctive worksurface that epitomises style and grace and never really more so than when teamed with green. The white background of this surface works in stunning contrast to deeper, darker shades of green, making it ideal for use on worktops and even splashbacks and a particularly popular option for homeowners wanting to create a classic, country-style look in their kitchen, because of its timeless elegance as much as for anything else.

An equally well-suited partner to green in the kitchen is Ceralsio Grassi White, again taking its inspiration from marble and featuring a subtle grey-veined pattern that really gets a chance to stand out when paired with darker shades of green.

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