8 July 2019

Trends in interior design, just like fashions on the cat-walk, come and go and it can be tricky to know which are worthwhile investing in for your home and what ones to avoid as they will be short-lived and only serve to make the space look dated too quickly. Particularly so in the kitchen, where any refit or major overhaul is likely to cost a lot of money and take up a fair amount of time too.

The trick to success if you are keen on following the latest design trends can be to focus on fixtures and fittings that offer timeless qualities, particularly for the big-budget items that aren’t easily changeable.

Kitchen worktops are a good example. As the visual impact they have on the space can be huge, they take up a large expanse of very visible space within the kitchen and the outlay for them is often significant, it is often wise to opt for a material and a style that will go the distance as trends come and go.

Fortunately, CRL Quartz and Ceralsio ceramic surfaces are made with the latest design thinking always in mind, with new materials added along the way so that your kitchen worktops will always be on trend.

CRL Quartz Sahara
CRL Quartz Carrara

Take the new neutrals movement as just one example. One of the hottest interior design trends of 2019 and particularly popular among kitchen designs, this takes a pared down, simplistic approach as its base, with a statement finish, colour or material added to the mix to add visual interest, warmth and personality. Quartz and ceramic worktops are ideal additions to a kitchen designed with new neutrals in mind. Perfect for using as a neutral base to contrast with a bold splash of colour, on walls and splash backs, choosing a marble-inspired material will turn an island unit into an immediate focal point and that sense of character that is an essential quality of the new neutrals trend.

The anti-kitchen look is also high on the design agenda in 2019, led in no small part by the increasing move towards open-plan living. The trick here is to choose a considered palette of materials, finishes and colours that will blend seamlessly from kitchen to living area. Surfaces inspired by exotic stones win out in this regard, making quartz and ceramic winners once again.

Industrial surfaces, that began to make an impact in kitchen design in 2018, are as popular as ever this year too, with stone-effect work surfaces combining brilliantly with exposed brickwork and timber furniture and metal accessories. And for those who are brave, bold and bright colours are still making their presence felt in today’s kitchen, with pure white kitchens seemingly a thing of the past, for now.

It can be difficult to predict which of the trends that are currently such hot property will still be a talking point in 2020 and beyond, but with some clever long-term thinking when it comes to choosing worktops, your kitchen will always be ahead of the curve.

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