As the trend towards open plan kitchen living spaces continues and the area as a whole becomes more multi-functional, the kitchen is always on show and often in use. It is still a very practical room, but how can you make sure you create a a wow factor kitchen in your home ?

Kitchens are far less frequently hidden behind closed doors once the chores of the day are over than they used to be, and just as they’ve long been the heart of the home the design of this space can influence the interior style of your whole house.

That makes creating a practical yet beautiful space more important than ever. Here, we give some top tips to get you on the road to kitchen heaven.

Mix materials

Combining different materials, finishes and styles will create an eye-catching kitchen that smoothly transitions into your living space. Materials like rough-hewn wood effect furniture combined with stone-inspired worktops will create a rustic, industrial-inspired feel, for example. Warm materials are also ideal for pairing with high contrast colours like grey and white which are on-trend but can appear quite stark when used in isolation over larger areas. This look is entirely possible to achieve while ensuring the kitchen remains practical, for tasks like food preparation and dining. Just opt for suitable worktops that tap into these trends, such as ceramic and quartz which are both highly durable and super-stylish.

CRL Quartz Colorado
CRL Quartz River White & Windsor Grey

Be bold

Colour is a brilliant way to inject personality into your kitchen and with more muted tone used in your choice of worktop and surfaces, there is freedom to choose strong shades for the walls. While larger spaces will be able to accommodate more colour, you can go bold in compact kitchens too with the addition of a colourful splashback behind the hob or sink injecting just the right amount of character and really drawing the eye. Opt for a material that is easy to wipe clean here though, to keep those practical yet wow factor inducing vibes going.

Go for a feature wall

If you are leaning towards a mainly white or fairly neutral open-plan space, a striking marble-effect feature wall will create a stunning contrast. Whether you opt for a whole wall or simply use this as more of an accent behind the hob, the key is that if you use the right material this will be a practical solution as well as visual one.

CRL Quartz Verona
CRL Quartz Grey Reflection

Clear out clutter

There is little point in investing in beautiful worktops as a focal point of your kitchen if they can’t be seen for clutter. When the kitchen is on show night and day anything left out on the surfaces will always be visible too, and of course the more things on the surfaces the less practical space you have for cooking, working, dining and socialising. Think of your worktops as display spaces, rather than for storage and clear out cupboards to make room for plates, spices, utensils and even your kitchen gadgets. Create a breakfast cupboard to house your toaster and coffee machine, so they can be neatly hidden away at the end of each morning and pop anything that you don’t regularly need in a drawer or less accessible storage spot out of sight. Then add some fresh flowers or a plant or two to add greenery and enjoy the minimalist, straight out of a magazine look.

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