1 October 2021

Feature walls have been an on-trend way of creating a visual statement for a while now, particularly in the open-plan kitchen living space. Now, with technology filling our homes and driving fashion, media walls have taken on the mantle.

What is a media wall?

Just like with the original idea of a feature wall, the idea behind a media wall is to create a centrepiece that captures attention as the main focus of the room, often with a TV mounted or other technology included.

A great way of saving space and ensuring the latest tech is fully integrated into the room’s design, the media wall takes the wall-mounting of a flatscreen TV to a new level and offers the perfect opportunity to incorporate on-trend materials and patterns into the living space too.

Inalco MDi Vint Gris
Inalco MDi Touche Super Blanco Gris

How to make the most of a media wall

Ideal for open-plan layouts as a way of breaking up the larger space and creating definition between a kitchen and living area, a media wall creates the perfect spot for housing all your tech in a very contemporary way.

Media walls also offer endless opportunities for customisation. While there is no need to restrict the technology to just the TV, with fireplaces, shelving systems and mood lighting all bring just as simple to integrate, cladding the wall itself also offers the chance to be really creative.

One of the biggest advantages of a media wall, particularly in an open or broken-plan space is to tame the clutter. In the family home, the area around a TV is very often a busy place, with cables, gaming tech, remote controls, books, photos and other memorabilia all likely to feature. By incorporating storage in and around the media wall itself, all of this can be neatly hidden or seamlessly integrated and everything has its home.

Inalco MDi Touche Super Blanco Gris
Inalco MDi Iseo Gris

Cladding choices

Surfaces with a slim profile, such as 6mm Ceralsio and Inalco MDi, are an ideal material choice for a media wall, creating a sense of warmth and working in harmony with furniture and the overall décor while really drawing the eye. While the thin profile of the material creates a seamless impression, it’s the wide choice of styles that really make it stand out from the crowd and make the material an excellent alternative to painting or wallpaper.

The colour or pattern chosen should complement the design of the rest of the room, particularly when the layout is open-plan so always visible. A bright and bold feature wall that stands out should also work in harmony with the rest of the room to ensure it is visually pleasing.

Opt for a stone-effect surface to bring nature indoors and create a sense of calm and tranquillity amongst the chaos of a busy family life. Or choose a bold marble-effect pattern to really make a visual statement, perhaps with more muted tones elsewhere.

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