3 December 2018

Spring is the perfect season for home renovations and for letting the outside in just in time for the warmer, brighter weather.

As the ground floor of our homes becomes increasingly open-plan and multi-functional, inside outside kitchens are a big trend. Essentially, this means extending the living space beyond the kitchen walls, into the garden. This is an excellent way of gaining plenty of natural light in the interior of your property. It also enables the garden to be enjoyed all year round, regardless of the weather forecast, a real bonus as we increasingly socialise and entertain friends and family at home.

Using glass to separate the kitchen from outdoor areas is an effective way of increasing the feeling of open space and bringing the outside in. Making the garden more accessible during warmer weather and letting in ample natural light, this solution means you won’t be left open to the elements during colder seasons. French windows and bi-fold doors are just two of the many options here.

Ceralsio Croma Grey & Croma White

When opting for an inside outside kitchen it is important to consider the layout of the kitchen itself. Maximising the view of the garden should be a priority and will ensure that the space as a whole remains inclusive and sociable, whether you’re prepping food inside or in charge of the barbecue outside. A hob and/or sink integrated into a central island, with an informal seating area to one end, works well as a solution in this regard. Think about the location of appliances such as the fridge freezer too – is it easy to get to from the garden so that you can easily reach for more food and replenish drinks during barbecue season?

Layout planned, it is also important to think about how the inside and outside spaces can be linked, to ensure a seamless flow visually. Flooring can be used to great effect here, with the same or similar flooring used throughout creating a streamlined look. Natural stone works well as a solution, but ceramic and Inalco MDi are a practical and cost-effective alternative. Ceralsio ceramic and Inalco MDi can be chosen to resemble natural stone, but without any maintenance issues for a simple to care for flooring solution. While being heat resistant, they work well with underfloor heating indoors for those colder months of the year, and are also UV stable, meaning they would not be subject to fading from direct sunlight or other weather elements over time. Ceralsio and Inalco MDi is non-porous and highly durable, so the flooring will stay looking as good as new throughout the seasons with very little effort.

Inalco MDi Iseo Gris

With the install complete, add some final finishing touches to create the perfect inside-outside kitchen environment. Mirrors can be used to blur the boundaries between indoors and out, while indoor foliage will help with the feeling of continuity between the two areas.

All that is left is to invest in a good barbecue and weather-proof garden furniture and you’re ready to enjoy your garden come rain or shine.

Check out our photo gallery and Pinterest boards for more inside outside design inspiration.

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