If a new or revamped kitchen is on your home renovation to-do list, take a look at the latest kitchen design trends coming through for inspiration.

When it comes to choosing a style and design of kitchen, the options are seemingly endless and the task can therefore appear daunting. Having lots of choice is certainly a good thing, but by keeping an eye on what colours, materials and finishes are coming into fashion, that overwhelming feeling  can be avoided.

Here, we take stock of what are likely to be some of the top kitchen design trends moving in to 2023.

Expressive marble

Marble-effect materials have been a popular choice for the kitchen for a while, and now they’re getting bolder and even more expressive. Classic white with grey neutral tones, or something a little more daring with the introduction of colour, this is a look with timeless appeal. Not only does marble patterning shout luxury and high-end quality, but it is also the perfect partner to metallic finishes such as brass and gold, which are also currently players in the fashion stakes.

The strongly veined patterning of marble-effect materials can’t really be beaten for adding an individual air to the kitchen. Materials that emulate the natural beauty of marble and other luxury stones are a popular choice for kitchen worktops, in part, because  they are so simple to look after. CRL Quartz, Ceralsio and Inalco MDi for example, offer a cost-effective and low-hassle alternative to real marble while being truly eye-catching.

CRL Quartz Vesuvius or Ceralsio Calacatta Extreme, for example, when used on a kitchen island or as part of a feature wall, really draw the eye while working in harmony with the décor around it. With a shift in interior design overall this year towards maximalism, expressive marble can help strike just the right balance.

Look out for more in the way of waterfall surfaces and bookmatched marble next year. The vertically extending sides reaching to the floor on an island unit never get boring, after all.

Calming colours

Colour schemes and environments that add a sense of calm to the home are another one of the current kitchen trends. One shade that is a fashion cert is green. Luxurious and dramatic in equal measure, green works very well when combined with brushed brass on taps and handles. For a thoroughly regal, yet modern look – use shades of green  with  a marble-patterned white surface such as CRL Quartz Calacatta Dorado or Inalco MDi Calacatta Gris. Just as versatile and looking to maintain its popularity into 2023 is navy blue, another shade that works so well with the two tone effect, topped with lighter coloured work surfaces.

Deep tones

The shift towards bold and deep colours in the kitchen is not new but is likely to expand further still into the coming months. Shades like dark greens, maroon, greys and navy blue are particularly popular. For smaller kitchens these colours can work particularly well on furniture when teamed with a lighter colour worktop to lift the look, while larger and light-filled rooms can more easily accommodate a combination of these deep, dark tones on work surfaces too.

Dark surfaces

While you may be tempted to stick with light and bright when it comes to kitchen worktops, the shift towards darker tones is becoming an increasingly popular choice . This is a kitchen design trend that owes much of its popularity to the rise of the two tone kitchen, where a dark work surface such as CRL Quartz Siena Honed or Ceralsio Belvedere Black is used to top off a lighter shade of furniture.

Dark colours are also deemed to be quite timeless, which means they won’t make the space age too quickly, an important consideration when choosing things like work surfaces and tiling, as these are long-term fixtures. Grey is a shade that is just so easy to live with, soothing, calming, and it can encourage you to experiment with brighter shades on accessories or tiles. Inalco MDi Umbra Marron, for example, ensures that the use of grey in the kitchen will never get boring. The rich, dark tones of Umbria are offset by a lighter fleck running throughout the surface, while its textured finish is wonderfully tactile. Such rich, sumptuous dark shades can be teamed with similar dark shades in a large open-plan setting, or combined with lighter tones that help lift a more compact setting.

CRL Quartz Siena Honed

Back to nature

From natural and nature-inspired materials to unpolished finishes and eco-friendly products, the environment has a big influence on kitchen design trends, making the space homely and welcoming. Nature-inspired materials and colours in particular help create a calm and comforting atmosphere, something that perhaps unsurprisingly a lot of homeowners are looking for.. The earthy base colour found in CRL Quartz Savannah, for example, adds warmth as well as a subtle sense of welcome.

With natural materials that reflect the great outdoors being one of the current kitchen trends, surfaces with a marble-look remain popular, bolstered by the trend for industrial styling, where they combine with raw materials such as timber and brick to give the room a professional edge. Timeless kitchen cabinets with an exposed wood grain, for example, can be topped with a stone-effect surface such as Inalco MDi Pacific Blanco, while a neutral colour palette that helps bring nature indoors will be accentuated with bolder earthy tones seen in accessories.

There’s also a movement towards recycled kitchens too, which is not only a sustainable option but can be purse-friendly too and something worth researching if you are redesigning on a budget.

Mixing and matching

There is no better way to create an eclectic, individual look than by combining various materials and colours in a diverse way. Bold accents are a key trend that will continue to feature in interior design next year. Teaming stone-effect work surfaces with glass-fronted cabinets and brass handles, for example, helps put a unique stamp on the space, creating a homely feel that is original and different.

Whether in the contemporary, industrial-inspired kitchen or the country-style home, combining different materials creates an eclectic look that is full of personality. From exposed brickwork and grained timber, to quartz and metal, any materials that are durable and low maintenance are popular, while natural textures will bring the outside in and add instant warmth to even the largest of spaces.

Zoning spaces

Another one of the kitchen design trends to look out for is zoning spaces. The larger the space the better the current kitchen trends for mixing materials too; using different surfaces for different areas of the kitchen helps zone the space – particularly important if it is used for a variety of activities from dining to socialising. Using different worktops, wall and floor finishes for different zones in the open-plan kitchen can add interest to the space visually. Think about which materials and colours work well together and don’t be afraid to mix things up by contrasting to add more visual interest or to create a focal point . Some areas of the kitchen may require a more durable or water-resistant surface than others too, providing another opportunity to mix and match materials appropriately.

The multi-functional kitchen

When it comes to kitchen layouts, flexibility is key. The number one question is – what sort of design and layout will suit the needs of you and your family? Open-plan kitchens often work best for multi-functional spaces, enabling a variety of tasks to be carried out at once. However, the multi-functional kitchen can be one of noise and lots of activity and it can be difficult to remember that it also needs to be a space in which to relax together too. Zoning the space often works well as a solution, with an island unit acting as a cut-off point between food preparation and dining/socialising space.

Smart appliances

From boiling water taps that do everything except pour your coffee for you, to ovens with in-built recipe ideas and fridges that order our groceries, the kitchen is getting smarter and working harder. It’s all about adding convenience to our daily lives and by making our homes tech-savvy spaces we can raise the comfort levels up another notch too.

Hidden kitchens, that conceal everyday kitchen necessities including appliances behind closed doors, are a popular look for 2023. Taking the open-plan kitchen from day to evening in style, this idea also maximises on the storage potential of the room.

Kitchens as living spaces

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home and needs to be comfortable, nurturing and designed to be at the centre of our living spaces. Materials and styles that crossover from kitchen to living room are therefore popular. For example, sleek, streamlined furniture, smart storage solutions and appliances concealed behind cabinet doors. The kitchen is being used for a greater variety of functions, particularly when the space is open-plan. Breakfast bars and islands that double as desk space, surfaces used in combination to zone areas and open shelving that creates a broken plan look are among the trendsetting looks.

Open-plan layouts

Less of a trend in kitchen design than a lifestyle choice, open-plan kitchen living areas are multi-functional, sociable and highly practical. Encouraging families to interact more and making it easy to entertain friends, open-plan layouts also make small spaces look and feel much bigger and let in plenty of natural light. Kitchens in 2023 are an extension of our living spaces, whether you prefer to opt for open-plan or not.

The anti-kitchen look is also high on the design agenda, led in no small part by the increasing move towards open-plan living. The trick here is to choose a considered palette of materials, finishes and colours that will blend seamlessly from kitchen to living area. Surfaces inspired by exotic stones win out in this regard, making quartz and ceramic winners.

Timeless kitchen design – a trend that never goes out of fashion

The current kitchen trend towards open-plan living means the kitchen may well be on show 24-7. Therefore, the design chosen needs to be easy to live with, because closing the door on it might not be an option. This all makes the decisions around this central room in the home really important and signals why opting for a timeless design is such a popular and often very wise choice. Pair timeless kitchen cabinets with a white marble effect worktop such as CRL Quartz Verona or Ceralsio Montblanc White for a look that will never go out of fashion.

Large sinks

Inspired by the lean towards professional-style kitchen designs, sinks are getting bigger. Able to accommodate large pots and pans that won’t go in the dishwasher, these sinks are also being chosen as a focal point of the room. These combine brilliantly with a feature tap for a stand-out style statement. Don’t worry if you don’t have quite enough worktop space to fit a large sink in, as compact models are also popular and are often now chosen as a second sink in big kitchen or utility areas.

Colour blocking

From bold appliances to sophisticated black furniture and bright splashbacks, pops of colour are sneaking into the kitchen in a variety of ways. Introducing colour into the kitchen creates a fun ambience and can be a very effective way of pairing up on-trend brassware finishes such as nickel and matte black for a thoroughly modern look. The great news with this current kitchen trend is it is so easy to add as a quick update to your existing kitchen too. Some brightly-coloured accessories, for example, will inject new life into the space and are simple to change in the short-term.

Monochrome Inalco Touche Super Blanco Gris

Bold accent colours certainly have their place in the kitchen but monochrome is also getting a lot of attention. There has been a huge rise in popularity of grey, black and white tones in the kitchen, which can work to varying degrees, depending on the size and shape of the space. Choose them for an entire run of worktops or cabinets or as a subtle contrast through the addition of kitchen accessories. Monochrome may initially conjure up images of white and black but look out for various shades of grey surfaces too.

On the other hand, for smaller spaces a lighter coloured worktop and splashback used as an accent allows for the inclusion of darker furniture, creating a two-tone effect that is very effective. Subtle marble inspired surfaces such as Inalco MDi Touche Super Blanco Gris can be teamed with dark cabinets to make a striking two-tone effect in the compact kitchen.

You can see how this current kitchen trend can really work in small kitchens with this case study. This is a good example of how light worktops and countertops can be offset by darker furniture to ensure they work in any sized room and create an air of luxury and sophistication. The two tone trend also encourages the mixing and matching of materials and finishes, with a textured worktop used in contrast to smooth metal and sleek matt surfaces, for example.

Inalco MDi Touche Super Blanco Gris

Quartz & ceramic worktops

Homeowners are increasingly upgrading from laminate to quartz or ceramic worktops and this is one of the kitchen design trends that looks set to continue. For a little extra investment, consumers have the peace of mind that a quartz or ceramic surface will be extremely easy to care for and will stand the test of time, being exceptionally resistant to daily wear and tear. With the move towards natural stone such as marble in the home too, quartz and ceramic offer the opportunity to include this look in the kitchen with none of the maintenance issues that such materials can bring. Upgrading from laminate in this way creates a luxury look that is well worth the investment.

Industrial styling

Characterised by exposed bricks and pipes, rustic metals and minimalist fittings, the industrial look is inspired by factory settings and is one of the big current kitchen trends. This look combines brilliantly with materials such as quartz, ceramic and Inalco MDi and lends itself to the tactile nature of a textured finish on worktops too.

Industrial surfaces are as popular as ever with stone-effect work surfaces combining brilliantly with exposed brickwork and timber furniture and metal accessories. And for those who are brave, bold and bright colours are still making their presence felt in today’s kitchen.

Rough luxe

Reconnecting with nature is a key trend in our modern lifestyles, and one that homeowners are increasingly keen to embrace through their own interior design choices. While we may be more accustomed to clean lines and polished, glossy finishes, in the kitchen there is a marked shift towards raw, rough textures, which are more commonly associated with the natural world around us. That’s not to say that sleek finishes are redundant, but rather that they are being fused with this current kitchen trend for texture and stone worktops to create a look that is fast becoming known as ‘rough luxe’.

Inalco MDi Iseo Gris

Handle-free design

Minimal continues to be one of the watchwords of kitchen design and handleless furniture taps into this trend in style. The more simplistic the design the better, with this look lending itself to the move towards high gloss finishes in colours of the moment such as grey and white, and to the natural graining of timber all topped off with a marble-effect surface that brings a sense of warmth and character to a modern, sleek and flexible space.


One of the biggest kitchen design trends coming up takes a pared down, simplistic approach as its base, with a statement finish, colour or material added to the mix to add visual interest, warmth and personality. Quartz, ceramic and Inalco MDi worktops are ideal additions to a kitchen designed with new neutrals in mind. Perfect for using as a neutral base to contrast with a bold splash of colour, on walls and splash backs, choosing a marble-inspired material will turn an island unit into an immediate focal point and that sense of character that is an essential quality of the new neutrals trend.

Kitchen trends to avoid

Just as there are many kitchen design trends to embrace in 2023 there are also some kitchen trends to avoid. The following advice will ensure your kitchen design stays stylish for years to come.

All-White kitchens

Due to the current kitchen trend of open-plan living, all-white kitchens have become popular as a way for the kitchen to fade into the background and not overpower the space. However, you also don’t want the kitchen to fall flat.

Colour can be used to great effect in the kitchen, to inject some personality and make the space truly unique. From light and bright colours that spread cheer around the room, to dulcet and dark tones that bring a sense of sophistication to proceedings while providing a warm welcome, there are so many colour options to choose from.

If you are unsure and still a little bit hesitant about introducing colour to your kitchen then a kitchen splashback or some accessories such as small appliances, crockery and tea towels in your favourite colour can add instant personality and can be easily changed up later without costing too much.

Bold patterned Splashbacks

Splashbacks are always visible, particularly in open-plan kitchen areas, and very often the first thing to be seen when entering the kitchen, so it is important to choose something that you can live with 24/7. A kitchen renovation is a big expense and therefore you want it to be timeless.

Using the same material for the worktop and the splashback is a very on-trend way of creating a seamless and high-end finish. Because of where it sits in the room, the splashback can have enormous visual impact; a material with subtle patterning like CRL Quartz White Water for example, will make a luxury statement


Granite worktops can be an indicator of an outdated kitchen, instead opt for quartz, ceramic or Inalco MDi worktops. These materials are ideal for kitchens as they are incredibly strong and can easily withstand the wear and tear that comes with modern living as well as being practically maintenance free. They are also available in a large range of finishes and thicknesses, ensuring to help achieve the desired look and durability throughout the home.

Chrome finishes

Chrome finishes are often considered classic however, homeowners are now opting for warmer finishes to create a more cosy feel. From matte black, to brushed nickel, aged copper and even gold, kitchen hardware is now being chosen as a style statement. Team a sophisticated matte black finish tap with a marble-effect worktop for a modern take on a design classic or why not pair a brushed copper tap with a timber-effect ceramic surface for a twist on the latest industrial look?

If you are looking to re-style your kitchen then make sure you incorporate some of these key kitchen design trends to ensure the space is on-point. Rather than splashing out on passing fashions though, make sure your new kitchen features elements that won’t date, for a finished room that you will love living with for a long time to come.

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