The bathroom often takes much of its design inspiration from the kitchen and the latest trend to make a splash in the smallest room in our homes is no exception. Where not so long ago bathroom design would frequently feature pristine white tiles, high gloss furniture and shiny chrome brassware, this sleek and streamlined look is making way for a more laid-back rustic feel.

The raw materials and rough textures that are common in the industrial-style kitchen are now making their way into the bathroom too, but with softer, calmer edge as you would expect from a space that is should be calming, relaxing and spa-like.

CRL Quartz Belvedere Black

Reconnecting with nature has long been on the bathroom design agenda as a way of creating a space of sanctuary, peace and relaxation and this is the driving force behind the trend that interior designers are calling ‘rough luxe’. Think wood furniture, textured stone-effect countertops, ceramic tiling and brushed finish brassware and there you have it. Be careful though, as the materials you choose for the bathroom need to be suitable or the space will soon end up looking more shabby than chic. Opt for materials that are not only water resistant but that will wear well and be easy to clean for every area of the bathroom and you will have more time to enjoy your surroundings as less time will be spent applying elbow grease.

The key to success with the rough luxe look in the bathroom lies in the balance. The perfect combination of rough with smooth is best for the bathroom – team a natural stone washbasin with a polished quartz countertop, for example, and add in tones of copper and brass on taps, handles and accessories for a touch of bling that offsets otherwise earthy hues in the rough luxe bathroom. Surfaces such as CRL Quartz White Water are ideal for creating the look too, beautifully smooth to the touch due to its luxurious polished finish, yet water resistant, extremely hardwearing and quite simply striking to look at, this is a surface that will blend seamlessly into virtually any bathroom and give you complete creative freedom.

CRL Quartz Vicenza

Or why not opt for high-gloss furniture to reflect light around the room and contrast with rustic elements such as a textured ceramic countertop or tiling? Here consider choosing a surface like Ceralsio Soft White, a ceramic material that is perfect for the humid and wet bathroom environment and is extremely tactile too. Use architectural features to their advantage also, by making the most of wooden beams or an exposed brick wall, just as you would in that industrial-inspired kitchen, then add contrast with shiny chrome brassware and polished ceramic or quartz surfaces.

The rough luxe inspired bathroom oozes warmth, character and personality, providing the perfect spot to retreat, relax and get into a natural vibe when the hard work of the day is done.

Whether you are a fan of the rough luxe movement or prefer your bathroom glossed up and smooth, head over to our photo gallery for design inspiration.

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