Grey worktops have become an increasingly popular design trend, and their rising popularity shows no sign of slowing down for those looking to renovate their kitchen. Timeless, sophisticated and stylish, a grey colour palette is perfect for a wide range of kitchen styles, whether it’s contemporary, minimalist, industrial or traditional country cottage. With so many shades and hues of grey available, there is something for everyone.

Versatile and timeless style

The beauty of grey is its versatility, which is also one of the many reasons for its popularity. A grey kitchen worktop can make a beautiful base colour regardless of whether you are opting for a light and bright or dark and sultry atmosphere. The elegant shade easily pairs with any colour, making it an on trend choice that’s not likely to go out of fashion.

Since grey is a classic colour it can withstand the test of time. Grey worktops can transform a kitchen by adding bags of character that will last for years to come, making it a timeless piece in the hub of your home.

Enhance moods with grey

The shade of grey you choose can enhance the ambience in any kitchen setting. Light and soft shades of grey radiate a clean and relaxing feel. It’s a refreshing and chic alternative to whites or creams as it still adds warmth whilst ensuring classic simplicity. Pale greys have the same light-reflecting qualities as white but with enough difference for the two colours to be easily distinguishable. 

White walls or furniture in the kitchen can create a subtle contrast and add depth to a light grey. Pale grey paired with a high gloss worktop, kitchen cabinets or floor tiles will also reflect more light to create a brighter look that’s still soft and inviting. 

Darker greys can be more modern and edgy. They can create a dramatic impact and inject some striking character into the heart of a home. These darker grey palettes radiate a feeling of understated luxury into the kitchen. This shade of grey is often chosen for more minimalistic kitchen styles due to its cooler hues. Greys with a blue hue work wonderfully with stainless steel accents and smaller pops of colours. 

Deeper grey kitchens can still create a warm ambience by pairing with metallic materials such as brass or copper. Wooden features can also add a comfortable warmth to a room. For a more refined and elegant look, opt for medium to darker grey walls and cabinets.

Deep greys are ideal to be punctuated with bright colours. To inject energy and personality into your kitchen, pair your grey kitchen worktop with fresh bursts of colours such as vivid yellows or striking teal blue. This will create a beautifully bold contrasting palette that will liven up any kitchen. Metallic touches and strongly coloured furniture will also introduce a sense of fun into the kitchen atmosphere for a truly modern space with a contemporary twist. 

Alter space perception 

Grey is also a popular colour for contemporary kitchens with limited space. Softer, paler greys are perfect for compact kitchens as they can make a room appear larger, brighter and with a more open feel. Smaller kitchens can benefit from using lighter shades of grey for the worktop or cabinets to create the perception of more space and give the illusion of an airy, open plan room. 

Deeper tones of grey can also work well in limited spaces. Blend together kitchen elements and accessories to avoid overwhelming the space and be clever with your lighting. 

Larger open plan spaces tend to work well with bolder, darker greys, which can create a striking space within the home. Sections of bold greys can also bring out statement furniture in large spaces. 

Consider combining two or more shades of grey to create a focal point or simply to add visual interest. An island unit or breakfast bar in a deeper or contrasting colour to wall cabinets is a great way to bring the unit to the centre stage visually. For an even stronger contrast, consider combining light and dark shades of grey.

Too much heavy colour can make a room feel smaller so a neutral floor, cabinet or wall will help create a more even balance.  

CRL Quartz Grey Reflection
CRL Quartz Grey Shimmer kitchen worktop
CRL Quartz Grey Shimmer

Layer greys for definition

When it comes to incorporating grey into the kitchen, layering up various shades and tones of grey will create a more complex and adventurous feel that is bound to start conversations with guests. Grey allows other elements of the kitchen décor to stand out. Using different greys will add definition and pinpoint special features and individual elements within the room. 

Grey surfaces build a platform for other, brighter aspects within the kitchen. The human eye is naturally drawn to what stands out or attracts the most light. Having a light grey cabinet or wall grabs attention and then builds up the more striking colours of a darker grey countertop, floor, splashback and so on.

Mix material trends

Grey is a shade that works in harmony with most common materials and finishes found in the kitchen, including wood and metal, which is all part of its appeal. A key way of incorporating the trend for grey into your kitchen is to opt for a grey worktop. It combines brilliantly with crisp white furniture beneath for visual contrast.

Dark greys compliment more textures and layers. Incorporating natural wood or wood effect furniture gives a modern classic look, while copper and brass bring a chic and stylish touch. Mixing grey with other materials is a hugely popular trend as it helps objects that would otherwise get slightly lost, really stand out and play on it’s shiny reflective surface. Different materials can also help alter the ambience of a grey kitchen. 

Elements of timber will add warmth to cooler grey kitchens and pale grey, natural stone effect floors can cool down a fiery palette. 

Grey looks good anywhere in the kitchen and works well with any combination of shades and colours. CRL Quartz collection includes a large variety of greys comprising light, veined greys as well as Grey Shimmer and Grey Reflection perfect for achieving the sleek concrete look for an industrial-style finish. There’s plenty of grey tones and patterns to design your ideal kitchen.

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