6 January 2020

If your kitchen is more bijou than capacious, employing some simple design tricks will ensure that it’s light, bright and uplifting. There is no reason why a small kitchen can’t still be big on style and in reality, any size kitchen can look and feel spacious if you know how to make the most of it.

Create the illusion of space and maximize on each square inch with these ideas:

Think colour – the lighter and brighter your colour scheme, the more spacious it will look and feel. Using white throughout, for example, will create a seamless, modern impression and can always be accessorized with pops of colour to add a splash of personality. At the very least choose lighter shades for the most dominant areas of the kitchen, such as the worktops, walls and furniture.

Don’t be frightened to go bold though – even a monochrome kitchen can work in a small space if done right. Think black cabinets topped with a white quartz surface for a sleek and modern option. The light worktops will draw the eye and make the whole room feel a lot bigger.

Polish things up – glossy, reflective surfaces will help bounce light round the room so opt for a surface, such as Ceralsio, with a polished finish to add a little shimmer and shine. The same goes for materials such as glass and mirrors – the more the merrier for keeping things light and bright.

Free your worktops – once you’ve chosen work surfaces that make your small kitchen look bigger, make the most of them by ensuring there is a good amount of storage space behind closed doors. This will keep your worktops clear of too many jars and condiments and even the kettle can be banished with the addition of a steaming hot water tap.

Corner cupboards with pull-out systems are another great idea for making even the most awkward of kitchen nooks easy to access, providing storage space you didn’t even know you had.

Applying logic – If you’re undergoing a complete kitchen re-design then have appliances such as the microwave built into the cabinetry in the same area as the oven to create a cooking zone. Integrated appliances, with the same cabinet door used throughout the kitchen will keep things simple yet effective, but at the very least go for slimline and compact options where possible.

Go handle-free – when two or more people are busy in a small kitchen, catching your clothes on door handles becomes something of an occupational hazard. By opting for cabinet doors with integrated handles or push/click catches the problem is eliminated and the finished look will be streamlined and clean too.

Shelve it – in small, narrow spaces opting for open shelves rather than enclosed cabinetry will make the room feel wider. The key here though is to keep things tidy – lots of storage containers will help keep that clutter under control.

For more design inspiration to help you make the most of your small kitchen visit our photo gallery.

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