If you’re shopping around for a new kitchen a good place to go for design inspiration is Instagram. Let’s face it, even if you’re quite happy with your current set-up, having a peek at other people’s homes and picking up some style points is always good fun.

Instagram is, of course, all about the images. A kitchen with cluttered worktops and overflowing laundry and dishes won’t make the grade. To be truly Instagrammable, a kitchen needs to look showroom fresh, yet lived in. But as one of the most used and busiest areas of the home, keeping it photo-ready can be a chore in itself. A clean and organised space, that is also a little chaotic and messy will go down best on social media – after all, it is best to keep things real.

The secret to achieving a kitchen that will be the envy of your social media followers is to inject personality into the space. One sure-fire way of doing just that is to inlcude some colour into the room. Bold, bright colours are very on-trend currently and really stand out when photographed. This doesn’t mean having to go bold throughout the kitchen; adding a splash here and there, perhaps with a coloured splashback or even just some carefully chosen accessories will be enough.

Contrast this brightness with a more muted tone for large expanses of visible space, such as the worktops. This will create a striking impression, particularly when a surface such as ceramic or quartz with a marble-effect is chosen. Or choose a worktop in an opposite colour to your kitchen furniture, achieving the latest look for colour blocking and making the room more photogenic. You’ll find a lot of this colour blocking trend on Instagram at the moment and it is easy to achieve in your own home, as long as you are careful with the colours you choose.

The hidden beauty of such materials is that they require very little in the way of maintenance. In fact, just a regular wipe over with warm water and a soft cloth will keep a ceramic or quartz surface looking as good as new. That’s good news when you have just got time to clear the dirty dishes and have a quick wipe down, but still want your kitchen to be picture perfect.

Add some quirky features to your kitchen to complete the look and really get the engagement up on your Instagram posts. Anything from an array of unusual potted plants to open shelving with eye-catching glassware or a pile of well-thumbed cookery books will help to add character and inject personality into your posts. It will also give you a lot to focus on, with plenty of material to just keep on posting.

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