The material, colour and finish you choose for your kitchen work tops will make a big impact on how your kitchen feels and functions.

The kitchen worktop is put through its paces like no other surface in your home. Not only is it where meals are prepared, but with our modern lifestyles opening up the kitchen and making it multi-functional, it is also where homework is done, where food is eaten and where friends and family gather to socialise. Durability is therefore key, but as a key visual component of the kitchen, regardless of the size of the room, it also needs to look the part.

An important requirement aside from durability is that the surface you choose for your country kitchen complements your cabinetry. This isn’t to say that you need to think knotty oak surfaces as standard though, as your worktop can be the ideal way to add a modern twist to a traditional setting, so long as it is done with style and grace.

Composite, naturally

Natural stone and wood, with their varied colours and markings, create a striking impression in a country-style home, but can scratch and stain easily and require sealing and regular maintenance. A hassle-free alternative that offers the same aesthetic qualities is a man-made composite material such as quartz, which blends natural minerals with resin to create a highly durable surface that is non-porous and extremely easy to care for. With such composites, soap and water or a mild detergent is all that is required to clean them, whereas timber surfaces that are so often popular in a country kitchen, will need oiling at least once a year to help them retain their lustre.

CRL Quartz River White
CRL Quartz Colorado

Another significant advantage of quartz is its uniform structure and extensive selection of colours that encourages creativity in design. Various shades of the wide colour range of quartz make it easy to combine them and match them to many other materials to create the perfect country kitchen look.

5 reasons why quartz works in country style kitchens

1. Strength
Quartz kitchen work tops are stronger than traditional marble and granite worktops which have long been popular in country kitchens.
2. Maintenance
Quartz kitchen work tops don’t require any sealing, as they maintain their beauty and functionality scratch. Heat and stain resistant, unlike natural materials such as marble quartz never needs to be sealed.
3. Hygienic
Quartz worktops are engineered and manufactured to prevent growth of bacteria and enhance hygiene, making them perfect for food preparation areas.
4. Appearance
Offering a versatile design solution appropriate for any setting, CRL Quartz is available in a large range of colours, with a polished finish. In thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm, the surface comes in an extra-large format slab, allowing for greater consistency in design over large spaces such as island units.
5. Cleaning
When you pay for a worktop, you want it to be user-friendly and not demand high-maintenance, With quartz, cleaning is easy. The non-porous surface makes cleaning simple, with soap and water or a mild detergent all that is needed.

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