Most of us have been spending more time at home together during the last two years, with more and more homeowners undergoing a kitchen transformation, eager to create a kitchen that is a family space, great for small gatherings.

When designers KD1TWO2 were tasked with achieving exactly that for a client, they were given free rein in terms of style choice, with some surprising results. With a design brief that was unrestrictive, the team opted for an in-frame kitchen, with a large centre island as the room’s main focus.

The most important element, for the designers and the homeowner, was the worktop space. This had to be right on two levels; as a centre piece for social chat and drinks with friends and family, and as a suitable worksurface when catering for a large, extended family. With its combination of natural good looks and high durability, CRL Quartz Pearl Grey was the perfect choice.

Despite all the challenges that the pandemic brought with it, installers Falcon Granite were able to deliver and fit the worktops to keep the project on track and with a stunning final result. Large and heavy, the quartz slab has a seamless finish, carefully lifted into place thanks to suitable lifting equipment and a breeze to maintain going forward.

What struck the designers the most about this particular surface was the tones of the marble-effect that adds a real look of quality. And after visiting the CRL showroom to see the worktop in its raw format, they fell in love with it and the decision was made. Working in harmony with the kitchen units, the surface gives the room a warm feel without being overbearing or imposing.

An elegant natural looking grey marble-effect worksurface, the subtle grey veins running throughout Pearl Grey give it a light feel, while the darker grey flecks add depth to the surface. And, of course, CRL Quartz offers all the visual qualities of marble, but with the practical benefits of quartz, making it the perfect choice for this busy family kitchen which is intended for use to work, rest and play.

Now, the large island is one of the most noticeable parts of the room, where the plan was to create three rooms in one; kitchen, dining room and lounge area. Having never had an island before, the homeowners now wonder how they ever lived without it, finding it so useful for all activities centred around family life at home. The finished space has created not just a new kitchen, but a new way of life, something that takes a little getting used to, but a room designed to be comfortable for all the family, come what may.

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