In the historic city of York, a Victorian house has been transformed into a stunning modern home with the help of CRL Calacatta Quartz. The couple who purchased this charming Yorkshire residence envisioned a spacious, light-filled ground floor, and with the expertise of The Main Company and the architectural prowess of Studio DH, they brought their dream to life.

A vision realised
The project involved extending the house to create an expansive L-shaped kitchen, dining, and living area. A distinctive feature of this extension is the geometric glass roof, which floods the space with natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The kitchen units, painted in Citrine Green, were chosen as a main focal point along with the roof, designed to complement this light-filled space, with aged brass accents adding a touch of elegance. CRL Calacatta Quartz was the perfect complement to the units, understated against the vibrant choice of colour elsewhere, yet luxurious in its own way.

Chris Snook Photography
Chris Snook Photography

A symphony of design elements
Upon entering this bespoke kitchen, your attention is immediately drawn to the striking lime green cabinets. These bold cabinets, adorned with brushed golden handles from Heritage Brass, inject vibrancy and freshness into the room. The rich tones of the handles add a luxurious touch, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the kitchen and combining brilliantly with the classic look of the marble-inspired worksurface from CRL.

The glass roof is undoubtedly one of the stand-out features too, allowing sunlight to cascade into the room, creating a dynamic interplay with the room’s surfaces. This harmony of light and colour infuses the kitchen with a sense of vibrancy and tranquillity, making it a delightful space to spend time in throughout the day. The addition of parquet brick flooring and the dark wash of grey and green on the walls further enhances the room’s ambience, providing a perfect backdrop for both cooking and entertaining.

The elegance of CRL Calacatta Quartz
Central to the kitchen’s design is the choice of CRL Calacatta Quartz for the work surfaces. Known for its stunning marble-like appearance, CRL Calacatta Quartz offers both beauty and practicality. Its elegant veining patterns provide a striking contrast against the lime green cabinetry, while its durability ensures that the kitchen surfaces remain pristine and easy to maintain.

CRL Calacatta Quartz is an ideal material for busy kitchens, combining the luxurious look of marble with the resilience of quartz. It is non-porous, resistant to stains and scratches, and requires minimal maintenance, making it perfect for a home that blends style with functionality.

Chris Snook Photography
Chris Snook Photography

A feature wall to impress
For homeowners who appreciate the finer things in life, the kitchen design includes a sophisticated feature wall that serves as a backdrop for a captivating bar area. This wall, meticulously crafted to display an extensive collection of spirits and wines, becomes a focal point in the room, inviting guests to admire the curated selection. The combination of the feature wall with the elegant CRL Calacatta Quartz countertops creates an ambience of sophistication and luxury.

Chris Snook Photography

Seamless integration of form and function
While the aesthetics of this kitchen are undoubtedly captivating, functionality has not been sacrificed. The layout has been thoughtfully planned to maximise efficiency and practicality. Ample storage space ensures that every kitchen item has its rightful place, while the CRL Calacatta Quartz countertops provide a durable and easy-to-clean surface for food preparation and cooking. The kitchen is also equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, seamlessly blending modern technology with timeless design.

The transformation of this Victorian home is a testament to the artistry of bespoke design and the timeless appeal of CRL Calacatta Quartz. By choosing this exceptional material for their kitchen work surfaces, the homeowners have created a space that seamlessly blends style, functionality, and a touch of opulence.

CRL Calacatta Quartz not only enhances the beauty of this kitchen but also provides the durability and ease of maintenance required for a busy home. This project is a celebration of personal style and taste, brought to life through meticulous design and high-quality materials.

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