28 September 2018

Creating a sense of harmony in an open-plan space that combines kitchen, dining and living areas was key for homeowner and interior designer Debra Jones, who designed the whole project herself, with Inalco MDi worktops playing an important part in the design.

In an environment intended to bring family and friends together, achieving a sense of calm was the overall goal. The materials and colours chosen for the space were crucial in this regard, with a combination of neutral tones and natural finishes being the perfect choice.

A key component of the space is a large island, intended as a natural hub for everyone to gather. As well as being a multi-functional piece of furniture, the island is an instant focal point of the room. This means that aesthetics and practical qualities were both important when it came to the choice of worktop. MDi is the ideal material for this area of the kitchen, being highly durable, with the Inalco MDi Arizona worktops chosen offering particularly hard-wearing qualities. In a kitchen that is in use round the clock, ease of maintenance and cleaning was also an important consideration and another plus point of the worktops chosen. Whether preparing food, chilling out with family and friends, washing dishes or catching up on emails and homework, Inalco MDi is as multi-functional as the space itself.

Suitable for worktops, wall cladding and flooring, MDi is a surface that is not only beautiful to look at but also a highly practical choice for the kitchen. Totally impermeable, MDi is completely stain and scratch resistant, very thermally stable and shock resistant. It is also UV stable, so the colour of the surface won’t fade over time even when subject to direct sunlight. For large areas such as kitchen islands and wall cladding, the surface is available in an extra-large slab format which allowing for greater consistency in design with minimal grout used.

With the property being a 200-year-old house in the Lake District area, the kitchen and living space needed to be designed with the overall classic feel of the space, albeit with modern touches to create a timeless balance. With oak beams built into the new extension, painted furniture was a natural choice for the kitchen itself, while the Inalco MDi Arizona worktops carry the natural look of wood through and creates a striking impression, working in harmony with the overall colour scheme, including bespoke base units painted in Mussel and the darker tones of the Graphite island unit. The graining of the surface adds texture to make it look and feel just like real wood. This also adds a sense of warmth and character, something that was important in such an open space, complemented by high ceilings and glass doors that afford views directly on to the garden.

The overall effect is one of calm and tranquillity, the perfect family setting in which to relax together and enjoy the surroundings.

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