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CRL Quartz Statuario Verde

marble effect, quartz engineering

Marble effect quartz worktops take the unique, natural veining of marble and combine it with all the advantages of a quartz surface.

With our marble effect surfaces, we set out to replicate some of the best features of natural marble, while ensuring that our surfaces are non-porous, durable and easy to care for.

With a range of soft shades that blend the lightness of our surfaces with rich, natural veining, we can offer one of the most on-trend range of surfaces available.

The depth of the range of our surfaces mean that they can suit a range of kitchen types – from sleek and modern, right through to traditional. We have looked to include surfaces in our marble range that also fit in with the huge variety of flooring and walling styles available today.

See below for a selection of our marble effect worktops, browse the surfaces available on this site, or request a sample.

quartz worktops vs. marble worktops

Marble is a popular natural stone and each slab is unique in its colour and marbling.

Marble is also a softer material than quartz, making it more vulnerable to scratches and stains. As with other natural stones, marble will need a sealant applied each year as protection.

A marble worktop can offer a traditional elegance but, due to the uniqueness of the pattern on each slab, it doesn’t offer the same consistency of colour or appearance as a quartz worktop, which can be a real problem when viewing a marble surface in a kitchen showroom at another kitchen worktop supplier. It can often be the case that the worktop fitted in your home is significantly different to one that has been viewed as an example.

A marble effect worktop offers the visual appeal of a marble surface but with all the advantages of quartz.

CRL Quartz marble
Resistance to wear & tear
Scratch resistance
Stain resistance
Heat resistance
Impact resistance
Flexural strength
UV resistance
Pattern consistency
Easy to clean & care for
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