3 November 2020

Timeless, elegant and lending a luxurious air to any kitchen, there are many reasons why marble is such a popular choice for interior design. Marble-effect surfaces, such as those from CRL Quartz and Ceralsio, offer all of the visual advantages of real marble, but with none of the maintenance issues, enabling the marble look to be enjoyed in the kitchen and bathroom.

In larger spaces, such as the open-plan kitchen complete with island unit for example, book matched marble is increasingly being chosen due to its impressive visual impact.

What is book matching?

Basically, book matching is where two adjoining surfaces mirror each other, so it looks like an open book. The surface is split down the centre, producing two identical grains in mirror image. This is an effect that can be achieved to stunning effect with marble-inspired Ceralsio ceramic surfaces such as Carrara Vagli and Statuario. This is a popular option in both contemporary and traditional rooms, particularly in larger spaces where it can be fully appreciated, such as open-plan kitchens where it can be used on island units or feature walls and in the bathroom or wet room.

Why are marble-effect surfaces so popular for kitchens and bathrooms?

There is no denying the beauty of marble, but it can chip and scratch easily and will require sealing to make it water resistant, which is not ideal when it is to be used in the kitchen or bathroom. Marble-effect surfaces have all the visual characteristics of marble, including the dramatic and eye-catching veining, but offer more consistency in colour and pattern. Often, marble is chosen for surfaces such as worktops and floors, where staining can be an issue.

Unlike marble, materials such as ceramic and quartz are non-porous, so are less likely to stain and allow for spillages to be easily wiped clean away. With marble, acidic substances such as vinegar and lemon juice are likely to stain, which can be problematic for the keen chef who wants the freedom to get messy when preparing meals in their kitchen. This makes marble-effect Ceralsio and CRL Quartz a brilliant choice for high traffic areas of the home.

All in all, marble-effect surfaces offer homeowners the chance to create a unique kitchen or bathroom, with a wide range of colours and styles to choose from, each filled with personality and luxury in abundance.

Why not browse our gallery for inspiration when contemplating introducing marble-effect surfaces to your home?

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