5 March 2020

Grey tones in interior design never get boring; dress them up with bold pops of colour for a contemporary look, or combine with nature inspired materials for something a little more traditional. Whatever your preferred look, grey is a versatile choice that offers a blank canvas and will never go out of fashion.
For 2020 the Ceralsio collection of ceramic surface from CRL Stone boasts a number of new materials, each of which tap into the ongoing trend for grey and each of which brings its own character to any setting.

The new colours and finishes enhance the range of surfaces in the Ceralsio collection, ensuring that, no matter what the situation and regardless of personal taste, there is something to suit everyone. Highly durable and very simple to care for, Ceralsio ceramic can be used in virtually any area of the home.

New for 2020 is Ceralsio Belvedere Black, which will make a striking impression in the modern setting, whether chosen in a Natural or Polished finish. Dark and sophisticated, combine Belvedere Black with other on-trend materials such as timber for a stunning effect, made all the more special with the beautiful marble-inspired patterning running throughout the surface.

Ceralsio Belvedere Black

For something a little more understated, try Nero, a dark, contemporary ceramic surface that fits beautifully with modern designs, while Ceralsio Umbria, pictured below, ensures that the use of grey in the home will never get boring. The rich, dark tones of Umbria are offset by a lighter fleck running throughout the surface, while its textured finish is wonderfully tactile.

Finally, boasting all the beauty of marble with none of the maintenance issues is Ceralsio Bianco Silver, which is guaranteed to lend an air of luxury to any setting. With a patterned veining that draws the eye and makes a striking impression, like all Ceralsio surfaces Bianco Silver is so easy to care for that it is a great practical choice too.

Ceralsio Bianco Silver

See the full line-up of Ceralsio surfaces and choose your favourite from our collection, here.

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