2 October 2020

1) Bring nature indoors – house plants are great for injecting a sense of wellbeing into your kitchen and are wonderful for bringing the outdoors inside when it’s not possible to enjoy your garden during the winter months. Think about your choice of materials too; if you are changing worktops opting for a timber or marble-inspired design will give the room that ‘au naturale’ look all year round. Word of warning though, make sure the material itself is suitable for the kitchen. It needs to be waterproof and hard wearing, such as ceramic or quartz which come in a wide variety of styles. Try Ceralsio Statuario as a good examples of a worktop that helps create a light and airy kitchen vibe.

2) Make the most of natural light – think about the positioning of your furniture. Does anything obstruct the daylight? Could you move your dining table to under the window for a better view of the garden? If you’re redesigning completely and including an island unit, have it so that tasks such as food prep and dish washing can be done while facing out into the room, rather than to the wall. More structural changes such as knocking down dividing walls will also make a huge difference to the flow of light, but this is a project that is not for the faint-hearted!

3) Choose reflective surfaces – relatively small changes such as a tiled or mirror splashback will make your kitchen appear brighter and bounce light around the room, or opt for a bold pattern tile to add depth and visual interest. If you’re replacing furniture then high gloss finishes, coupled with chrome or stainless steel appliances will really help to maximise on light, particularly in small spaces where this is a good illusory trick. Don’t forget the smaller accessories too; taps, handles, kick plates and light switches in metallic finishes will make a big difference to the feel of the kitchen overall.

4) Open your shelving – this is an on-trend look currently and for very good reasons. Adding handy storage space to the kitchen open shelving helps break up the layout of an open-plan kitchen living space without obstructing the flow of natural light. And the shelves themselves could be the perfect spot for those house plants we mentioned earlier!

Inalco MDi Pacific Blanco

5) Keep things simple – if you’re choosing new cabinets for your kitchen then opt for a pared-back, minimal design to encourage that light and airy vibe. A neutral colour scheme such as white or cream can be jazzed up with some brighter shades as accents, while handless, slab-style furniture takes the less is more approach to kitchen design.

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