Now more than ever before, the bathroom is a place of sanctuary. Investing in a bathroom refresh, whether a quick update or a complete redesign, is always a worthwhile investment and looking at what’s trending can provide a wealth of inspiration for your own bathroom project. A spa-like retreat away from the cares of the world, the bathroom of 2023 is big on comfort and all-out luxury. Here we take a look at some of the bathroom design trends coming through, to inspire anyone contemplating a revamp of their bathroom over the coming months.

Back to nature

With sustainability and eco-conscious design being front of mind, it’s perhaps not surprising that nature-inspired materials and finishes are as popular as they have ever been in new bathroom designs. Creating a sense of calm and wellbeing, materials such as wood and stone remain very much in the spotlight.

Surround yourself with natural materials – try stone-effect surfaces on the walls like Meteora Gris, marble-inspired countertops like Statuario and wood furniture as a great way to boost your positivity by bringing nature indoors.

A point to note here though is to opt for materials that are bathroom-friendly. Surfaces that are non-porous, stain resistant and that will withstand wear and tear, and that replicate natural materials, such as Ceralsio, offer the best of all worlds.

A sanctuary of calm and relaxation

Far from a purely practical space, though they are still this too, the bathrooms of 2023 takes its design inspiration from the spa and high-end hotel. With wellness in mind, create a soothing, relaxing environment that will be a pleasure to spend time in.

Creating a sense of calm begins with a careful choice of materials, finishes and colour. Muted tones, nature-inspired materials and an abundance of houseplants are all seen in this current bathroom trend, helping to achieve a soothing environment in which to unwind and escape the cares of the world, for just a little while. Practical elements such as clever hidden storage will also ensure the bathroom can be used to escape and relax.

Ceralsio Montblanc White & Pietra Grey

Bringing the outdoors in

With a spa-like feel increasingly being sought, the trend towards bringing the outdoors in is continuing, with earthy materials and natural light being seen. Combine the surfaces with a decoration that brings the outside in, such as an array of tropical plants or nautical elements for the ultimate relaxing area.

Minimalistic design

The bathroom has become an extension of our living areas and a space to escape in order to unwind and relax. Minimal design is therefore here to stay, with an uncluttered, neat finish being the ultimate goal, from the largest fixtures and fittings such as the bath and shower, to the smallest details such as shower hardware.

Minimal styling in the bathroom is more than a passing bathroom design trend – it is a look that is very much here to stay. Elegance, simplicity and functionality are key to the minimal bathroom, making compact spaces look and feel much bigger and creating a modern, almost hotel-inspired appearance. Minimalism works in classic and contemporary spaces of course, with an emphasis on clutter-free, low-maintenance, ergonomic environments that can be comfortably used by the whole household.

Sticking to neutral shades for the walls and flooring, clearing the clutter with a good array of storage and even adding a pot plant or two is a key look. This is good news in the small bathroom where less is more, but also creates a sense of calmness which is good for soothing the soul. Avoid the room feeling and looking too clinical with a steer away from an all-white colour scheme, by adding softer pastel shades and mixing these with tactile surfaces to introduce warmth.

Inalco MDi Meteora Gris & Pacific Blanco

Big on marble patterning

Marble is enjoying more than just a moment in the bathroom design spotlight with bolder patterning now really coming to the fore. Marble-effect surfaces, such as those from CRL Quartz, Ceralsio and Inalco MDi offer all of the visual advantages of real marble, but with none of the maintenance issues, enabling the marble look to be enjoyed in the bathroom. Ceralsio Statuario is an excellent example of a statement, marble-inspired surface that combines several key bathroom design trends in one elegant surface. All in all, marble-effect surfaces offer homeowners the chance to create a unique bathroom, with a wide range of colours and styles to choose from, each filled with personality and luxury in abundance.

In the frame with showering

Black-framed shower screens are another bathroom remodel trend. Inspired by the Art Deco look, they are very popular for bringing high style to the bathroom. At the opposite end of the scale, frameless enclosures are also on-trend for those who prefer their bathroom design to steer more along minimal lines. Just like the kitchen before it, the bathroom is now steering towards a more open-plan format in terms of layout, and a frameless glass screen coupled with low level tray and statement brassware creates a wet room effect and allows light to flow while maintaining a dry area too.

Pops of colour

Have all-white bathrooms had their moment? It’s hard to say with certainty, but what we are seeing is a shift towards more use of colour in the bathroom. Rather than being confined to any one look and making things too clean and contemporary, consider going bold and busy in the bathroom. Coloured sanitary ware, for example, is ideal for injecting personality without overloading the space. Similarly, a coloured tile splashback can add real character to a bathroom while combining brilliantly with a white suite. Bold colours tend to go out of fashion quite quickly, so if you are considering colours as part of a bathroom revamp, opting for pastel and soft shades will be a cautious yet effective approach. Not to mention they will combine seamlessly with those nature-inspired surfaces mentioned above.

White is not out completely though, as it can be paired with strong, bold colours such as navy or Ultra Violet, to make the bathroom feel and look fresh and modern. Ceramic, quartz and Inalco MDi surfaces will work well with the trend, with a crisp white countertop or splashback, or marble-effect tiling making a striking backdrop for a splash of colour elsewhere.

Go dark

Traditionally design advice has been to steer clear of anything too dark in small spaces but, where natural light allows, the look for 2023 is to outfit the bathroom in navy, grey and green tones to add drama and sophistication. These rich colours, whether used on the walls or countertops, combine brilliantly with another of this year’s newest bathroom design trends, for brass and metallic finishes on brassware. There is nothing quite so luxurious.

Black is back

While colour is definitely on the list of this year’s bathroom remodel trends, black can be just as powerful at creating a sense of drama and sophistication in the bathroom. This is a shade that is being seen more and more on sanitary ware, brassware and other fittings and is definitely a bathroom design trend to watch as it is so versatile that it works whether your bathroom is classic or contemporary in style. Inalco MDi Storm Negro, for example can be contrasted with white for a stylish monochrome effect that will make quite the impression.


Another one of the current bathroom trends is the use of pattern. As personal spaces, bathrooms are the perfect spot for injecting some personality into the home, and bold, bright patterns can work in any size space when carefully thought out. Whether it’s a feature wall, lavish wallpaper or simply some well styled accessories to add brightness, the time to throw caution to the wind in the bathroom is now.


While colour and pattern are effective ways of adding interest in a bathroom, textured surfaces are equally as exciting and very on-trend. This design element is often seen elsewhere in the home, such as the living rooms and bedroom, and is now being used more and more in the bathroom too. Materials and finishes that add texture are a great way to give a sense of warmth and character to the bathroom. Textured surfaces also combine beautifully with other current bathroom trends, including the move towards timber and natural wood grains now often seen on furniture, creating a sense of style that is modern but will never go out of fashion.

Ceralsio ceramic and Inalco MDi surfaces are available in a textured finish and in a wide range of colours, enabling this key bathroom décor idea to be introduced with ease. A versatile, practical solution that more than meets the demands of modern living, these surfaces are ideal for vanity tops, floor to ceiling wall cladding and flooring in the bathroom, as they are non-porous, as well being scratch, stain and UV resistant.


Soft curves, organic lines and nature-inspired materials are being matched with surfaces in a textured finish to make the space warm, welcoming and an all-round comfortable and pleasant place to be. Washbasins with curved design elements and cylindrical brassware can be matched with a textured countertop that has visual appeal in abundance, while a softly rounded freestanding bath meets its match with practical, durable and beautiful floor tiles beneath your feet.

Simply updating an existing countertop or changing wall or floor tiles and matching them with some curved accessories or storage is a simple but effective way of bringing this bathroom design trend into your home if you aren’t quite ready for a full bathroom re-fit.

New metallics

There’s been something of a break away from standard chrome on bathroom brassware of late, a bathroom décor idea that is holding fast in 2023. Finishes such as gold, nickel and antique bronze make something of a grand statement in the bathroom and make the perfect partner for a stone-inspired ceramic, quartz or MDi countertop as well as with the newest bathroom trend for statement washbasins.

Statement basins

The washbasin is a focal point of the bathroom in 2023, with furniture units topped with ceramic or quartz surging in popularity. The perfect complement to the emerging trend for stone washbasins, a ceramic, quartz or Inalco MDi countertop is a practical choice that can also be highly aesthetic due to the versatile nature of the material.

If your bathroom is compact then a lighter, brighter colour will help make it look and feel bigger with a crisp, slim white surface such as Ceralsio Soft White often working best. While larger spaces can allow for darker colours such as Inalco MDi Storm Negro.

Inalco MDi Vint Gris & Ceralsio Soft White

Mix it up

Mixing materials is another one of the bathroom remodel trends. Introduce a mixture of materials and don’t be afraid to combine and contrast. This will create an eclectic look and give you lots of opportunity to add your own personality. A wood furniture unit, for example, can be jazzed up to great effect with some colourful handles, while choosing brassware in a matt black or brushed nickel or even antique copper finish will make all the difference to a standard ceramic washbasin or acrylic bath. The good news here is that there is no requirement for a time-consuming and costly refit of the entire bathroom, as these quick and simple changes will help give a tired bathroom a fresh new look and will make a big impact.

On the tiles

Larger tiles with less grout are one of the newest bathroom décor ideas or even a floor to ceiling wall surface, are the perfect choice for tapping into the minimal trend. While this is good on a practical level as it makes the bathroom easier to clean, the grout-free look also makes the bathroom look and feel much bigger. This is particularly the case when the tiling is consistent on the walls and floors, with a material such as ceramic or Inalco MDi making this simple to achieve, with surfaces available in a range of thicknesses and many practical advantages that are key in the bathroom.

Available in a choice of styles that tie in with the minimal look, they can be cut to size for a tailor-made fit even in awkward shape bathrooms, as part of a totally bespoke shower solution. Such surfaces also tap into the move away from all-white bathrooms, towards spaces with colour, pattern and texture.

Wall cladding

Another current bathroom design trend is for floor to ceiling wall cladding, particularly in shower areas and even to create a feature wall, as a seamless, easier to install and maintain alternative to tiles. The 6mm thick surfaces from CRL Stone are water resistant and highly durable, achieving a high-end look with the wide range of styles, including luxurious nature-inspired stone effects. The slim-line material is available in large slab format for ease of installation that works well in modest schemes and premium bathrooms alike.

Rough luxe bathrooms

The raw materials and rough textures that are common in the industrial-style kitchen are now making their way into the bathroom too, but with a softer, calmer edge as you would expect from a space that should be calming, relaxing and spa-like.

Reconnecting with nature has long been on the bathroom design agenda as a way of creating a space of sanctuary, peace and relaxation and this is the driving force behind the trend that interior designers are calling ‘rough luxe’. Think wood furniture, textured stone-effect countertops, ceramic tiling and brushed finish brassware and there you have it. Be careful though, as the materials you choose for the bathroom need to be suitable or the space will soon end up looking more shabby than chic.

The key to success with the rough luxe look in the bathroom lies in the balance. The perfect combination of rough with smooth is best for the bathroom. Team a natural stone washbasin with a polished quartz countertop, for example, and add in tonness of copper and brass on taps, handles and accessories for a touch of bling that offsets otherwise earthy hues in the rough luxe bathroom. Surfaces such as CRL Quartz White Water are ideal for creating the look too, beautifully smooth to the touch due to its luxurious polished finish, yet water resistant, extremely hardwearing and quite simply striking to look at, this is a surface that will blend seamlessly into virtually any bathroom and give you complete creative freedom.


One of the newest bathroom design trends is the monochrome look. Combine a light coloured countertop, such as Ceralsio Croma White, with a darker colour for the furniture or vanity unit beneath for contrast. A white countertop works brilliantly with black furniture (or vice versa) to achieve the monochrome look that is so popular in bathroom design currently. A lighter coloured splashback used as an accent also allows for the inclusion of darker furniture, creating a two-tone effect that is very effective over smaller spaces.

Stand-out features

Use tiles to create a focal point of one particular area of the bathroom. What do you want to be the most eye-catching part of the room? Whether it is the bath, washbasin or shower area choose tiles that will complement and enhance it. Think about what tiles to use for the splashback to the washbasin, create a feature wall from tiles in the shower area or make the bathroom a stand-out piece with a tiled backdrop. Opt for contrasting tiles to your bathroom vanity top for a contemporary look, or choose a wall and floor surface that matches the bathroom countertop for a seamless look. Ceralsio and Inalco MDi surfaces are available for countertops as well as for flooring and wall cladding, making it easy to achieve exactly the look you want.

Bathroom design trends to avoid

Some bathroom trends are becoming increasingly untrendy. If you are planning a new bathroom design take a look at some of these passing trends below to ensure you create a space you can enjoy for years to come.

Bland walls

Even though white remains a popular bathroom colour, white on white can look sterile and lack personality. Instead try book matched marble effect wall cladding which is increasingly being chosen due to its impressive visual impact. Book matching is where two adjoining surfaces mirror each other, so it looks like an open book. The surface is split down the centre, producing two identical grains in mirror image. This is an effect that can be achieved to stunning effect with marble-inspired Ceralsio ceramic surfaces such as  Statuario or Calacatta Extreme. This is a popular option in both contemporary and traditional spaces where it can be used on feature walls in the bathroom or wet room.

Chrome finishes

Chrome finishes are becoming less common and instead alternative finishes to chrome are now a big bathroom design trend. Bathroom hardware is now available in many on-trend finishes including contemporary matte black, polished brass and antique bronze. Fixtures such as brassware also play their part in creating a minimal impression. Shower hardware is now more of a focal point than ever, particularly with the shift towards open-plan bathrooms and walk-in shower areas resulting in the brassware and other fixtures and fittings being immediately visible. Matte black finishes also help to create the art deco-inspired look for frame design showers which is gathering pace as the newest bathroom design trend.

Inalco MDi Storm Gris & Ceralsio Carrara Vagli

Subway tiles

Subway tiles were a big bathroom design trend a few years ago, however they quickly phased out. They can work great in industrial style spaces but otherwise you should steer clear. Instead, choose large format tiles or even floor to ceiling wall cladding. Ceralsio and Inalco MDi surfaces are available in a 3.2m large format which enables floor to ceiling cladding with no horizontal joint lines for a clean modern design. With over 30 finishes to choose from you can create almost any look for your bathroom or wet room.


For years homeowners opted for granite in their bathrooms to help create a trendy space. However, granite can be expensive and also requires sealing to make it waterproof and scratch resistant. Instead, designers are now opting for materials such as ceramic, quartz and MDi countertops in bathroom design. These materials are ideal for bathrooms as they are extremely hardwearing and waterproof meaning that your bathroom countertop can be easily wiped dry to keep it looking as good as new. They never need to be sealed to keep their original properties, while no extra care or special products are needed to clean them. A mild cleaning product is all that is required to keep the surface looking as good as new


Shower or bath?

While freestanding baths in materials such as composite stone are popular, spa baths are less popular. Instead it is the shower that is a feature in new bathroom designs, with multi-jets, rain heads and the latest technology creating that spa-like experience. Following this, shower areas are becoming more open-plan with less call for shower screens and more emphasis on tiling the walls to create a splash-proof area.

Do Quartz, Ceralsio and MDI surfaces come with a warranty?

All our surfaces come with a warranty for added peace of mind. For details click here.

Are CRL Stone surfaces non porous?

Yes, CRL Quartz, Ceralsio and Inalco MDi are completely impermeable and highly stain resistant making them the perfect surfaces for your bathroom floors, walls or countertops. The non porous surface makes cleaning simple, with soap and water or a mild detergent is all that is needed.

Can I use CRL Stone surfaces on the floor?

CRL Quartz, Ceralsio and Inalco MDI are durable, hardwearing surfaces making them ideal for flooring. Their non-porous properties make them easy to keep clean and their large formats open up the design possibilities. Large format tiles have grown in popularity over the past few years, led by the shift towards wet room-style bathrooms. This on-trend look is also full of practical advantages too.

One major benefit of large format tiles is their visual impact; the larger the tile the more it will visually expand the space, making it an ideal option in smaller rooms. And because large tiles mean fewer grout lines, cleaning is made easier too, with the uninterrupted look streamlined and hygienic. This uncluttered, minimal approach is less busy than opting for lots of pattern and lends itself to contemporary interior design.

Where can I view your range of surfaces?

Our full range of Quartz surfaces can be found here, our Ceralsio surfaces can be found here and our Inalco MDi surfaces can be found here.  Or to order a free sample click here. Our showrooms in North Manchester and London feature the range of Quartz, Ceralsio and Inalco MDi finishes in slab format giving you the opportunity to browse the surfaces and take in their beauty and durability in a way that is difficult to appreciate online or with samples. Alternatively, we have fully installed kitchen displays throughout the UK and Ireland. Please contact us on 01706 863 600 with your chosen surface and your location and we will find the nearest installation to you.

As well as making sure your chosen bathroom looks the part, it is important to ensure it is durable enough to handle any activity. Consider how low maintenance the surface needs to be, by thinking about how often it will be used. CRL Stone surfaces are non-porous, preventing the build-up of bacteria or mould, while no extra care or special products are needed to clean them. They also never need to be sealed to keep their original properties, making them the ideal surfaces for the bathroom.

Regardless of which surface you choose for your bathroom vanity top, floor and walls, always use an experienced designer and a professional fitter to ensure that it is the most suitable surface for your needs and that it is installed properly.

Designing a new bathroom can be a daunting task, but the end results will be more than worth it so it is worth persevering. Today’s bathroom should be as luxurious as it is functional. Think of it as an extension of your main living space and as the perfect spot to escape, relax and unwind. Whatever your budget, whatever your taste it is possible to create a dream bathroom, but the secret to its success lies in the planning.

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