23 March 2020

There’s nothing like the marble look for creating the feeling of luxury in a kitchen or bathroom. Versatile enough to work whether the room is traditionally styled or ultra-modern, the veined patterning of marble-effect surfaces adds drama and personality to any setting while blending seamlessly with virtually any other material and colour scheme. Small wonder then that marble-effect kitchen worktops and bathroom countertops are one of the most sought after options.

A marble-effect surface, made from a suitable material such as ceramic or quartz, is a low maintenance and cost-effective alternative to marble that still offers all the aesthetic benefits that make marble such a popular choice for our homes. Even better, Ceralsio ceramic and CRL Quartz are available in a wide range of patterns and colours, enabling you to tailor the marble-effect look to your own particular tastes.

So what are the latest marble looks, what’s trending and how can you use Ceralsio ceramic and CRL Quartz surfaces to emulate the look and feel of real marble in your own kitchen or bathroom?

Strongly veined marble-like patterning is big news, perhaps due to the shift towards open-plan kitchen living spaces, with larger rooms comfortably accommodating such a visual feast. CRL Quartz Calacatta Dorado, for example, has a dramatic pattern that draws the eye and we are seeing it being chosen more and more for island units and splashbacks for that very reason.

For something a little subtler, perhaps in a smaller kitchen or a bathroom where creating a sense of calm and spa-like sanctuary is the goal, perhaps for a worktop that has more of a marble or stone-like fleck, rather than a super-strong pattern. Surfaces such as CRL Quartz Venetian Arte, for example, combine brilliantly with wood, stone and other of-the-moment materials and give the space a timeless appeal.

If a seamless and streamlined look is your idea of a dream kitchen, then consider a light-toned marble effect surface, such as Ceralsio Bianco Silver used as a splashback or even the length of an entire wall. This combined with matching worktops and white furniture will give the overall look the lift it needs.

Ceralsio Bianco Silver
Ceralsio Belvedere Black

One final idea among many, is to make a statement with your worktop choice by opting for black. A surface such as Ceralsio Belvedere Black looks sleek and sophisticated when combined with white cabinets and some colour pop accessories.

Above all, the trend for the marble look gives you the freedom to be creative in your kitchen and bathroom design; choose a surface that you love and use this as a base to build your dream space on. For free samples contact us today.

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