29 March 2022

Kitchen and bathroom surfaces need to be both practical and visually appealing, making the sintered stone of Ceralsio, a popular choice that delivers on all levels. Versatile, flexible and perhaps above all, extremely durable, Ceralsio can be chosen for kitchen worktops and splashbacks and bathroom walls and countertops.

Such surfaces are highly visible as well as high traffic, making style a big priority. The beauty of Ceralsio, beyond the abundance of choice it offers designers looking to create stand-out spaces, is that it can be chosen to emulate the look of on-trend natural materials like stone and timber.

Ceralsio Statuario bathroom wall cladding
Ceralsio Statuario
Ceralsio Carrara Vagli

As a sintered stone, Ceralsio offers the best of all worlds, emulating the natural beauty of such materials while being a highly functional surface on which to prepare food and carry out a myriad of other chores. Available in a range of thicknesses, Ceralsio can be used for different surfaces too, with a 12mm or 20mm worktop paired with a 6mm splashback just one of the many possibilities.

Convenience, longevity and ease of maintenance are all important to the busy homeowner too and likely to influence their purchasing decisions when investing in a new kitchen or bathroom. Ceralsio is a non-porous material that is easy to clean and leaves nowhere for bacteria to hide. Spillages can be simply wiped away with no fear of staining, the material offers scratch, stain and water resistance and, perhaps most importantly, it delivers all of this with no requirement for sealing, either during manufacturer or after installation and use.

Ceralsio Statuario
Ceralsio Carrara Vagli

The luxury look of marble, granite and concrete may have become the go-to for kitchen and bathroom surfaces and Ceralsio has made this trend simple to incorporate into bathrooms and kitchens.

Why not check out the latest Ceralsio surfaces for inspiration.

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