11 April 2018

The guest bathroom should be a pleasant, comfortable space that will impress friends and family. Whether you’re creating a space for a new guest bathroom or remodelling an existing one, the aim should always be to create a welcoming space for overnight company. Well-placed candles and soft towels are all part of the equation, but the layout, style and material choices are really the key to ensuring your guests are happy.

Comfort is likely to be a big consideration in the guest bathroom and this will drive the design. Think about the needs of the people most likely to use the space but also your own tastes – after all, you need to be comfortable living with the finished look long after your guests have departed.

Make the space as big and easy to get around as possible, with a less is more approach often the most sensible way of achieving this. Only include a luxurious bathtub if floor space allows, for example. If not, a walk-in shower area is likely to be a better option, ensuring that the bathroom is accessible for any guests with mobility issues and making a compact bathroom look and feel much bigger. For guest bathroom wall decor clad this in ceramic wall and floor tiles in a large format for a minimal, easy to clean look that taps into current trends in bathroom design.

The materials chosen for key spaces in the guest bathroom, including the countertops, flooring and walls will have a big impact on the overall feeling of cleanliness and hygiene. Consider surfaces that are easy to keep clean and low maintenance, such as quartz or ceramic – these require very little effort to keep looking as good as new and can really raise the stakes in terms of creating a luxury finish.

Materials such as ceramic or quartz that is easy to wipe down and is resistant to scratches and stains will ensure that the bathroom stays looking its best in between guests and is always ready in case you should need to welcome unexpected visitors at short notice. Create a seamless finish by opting for the same surface for the walls and floors in the guest bathroom for a minimal, high-end look that is also highly practical. Ceramic tiles, for instance, are a highly flexible solution for use throughout the bathroom including the walls and floors while the surface is also available for countertops. Ceralsio is available in many tiles formats from 50 x 50cm to 160 x 320cm, giving a wide choice to cater for all tastes and requirements depending on the size of the room.

Storage is another key factor in the guest bathroom – not that your guests will necessarily be bringing lots of things with them, but somewhere convenient to store towels, soaps and other bathroom essentials will ensure the room is always uncluttered and welcoming. Some open shelving for clean towels will ensure an uncluttered vanity top, with drawer space useful for storing smaller items and a robe hook or two completing the look.

Finish off with some carefully placed accessories and luxury toiletries to make your guests feel more than welcome, however long they are staying over for.

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