Colour can be used to great effect in the kitchen, to inject some personality and make the space truly unique. From light and bright colours that spread cheer around the room, to dulcet and dark tones that bring a sense of sophistication to proceedings while providing a warm welcome, there are so many colour options to choose from. In fact, having so much choice at your fingertips can often be daunting, making choosing colour schemes for kitchens difficult.

Follow these helpful hints and tips to bring colour into your kitchen in the best way possible.

• Remember, as a general rule of thumb, that the bigger the space, the more colour it can accommodate. This means that larger kitchens can carry darker colours quite comfortably, especially if the room benefits from lots of natural light. Smaller kitchens do well with brighter colour schemes.

• Think about where you will introduce the colour. If you want to include colour on furniture, for example, then it might be wise to stick to something more neutral for walls and worktops. It can be a good idea to use colour as a contrast, but beware introducing too many shades in one space or it might be overbearing, particularly in compact kitchens.

CRL Quartz Kalahari
CRL Quartz Calacatta

• Consider your colour palette. Once you’ve decided whereabouts in the kitchen you want to include some colour, it’s important to nail down which colours go together well. Start from a neutral base and take a look at a colour wheel to determine which tones work in harmony, or even in contrast while avoiding a colour clash. It can be a good idea to alternate between light and dark, so if you choose dark cabinets, go for light worktops and vice versa.

• Don’t forget the bigger picture. This tip is particularly important if your kitchen is open-plan. Your final colour scheme is going to be forever visible, whether you’re cooking or lounging so make sure it’s something you can happily live with morning, noon and night.

• Use colour to zone different areas of an open-plan room. This might simply be a case of using differing shades of one colour from the kitchen to the living space, or you might like the idea of introducing contrast between the various areas to give them their own personality. Just remember to grab that colour wheel to prevent that clashing!

CRL Quartz River White
CRL Quartz Grey Reflection

• Neutral isn’t always best, but it is always good. By opting for ceramic or quartz worktops you can avoid the danger of your new kitchen looking too out of date too quickly. Worktops are highly visible areas of the kitchen, drawing the eye and if you keep these neutral you’ll be free to add pops of colour to add character on splashbacks, walls and furniture.

• Introduce colour where it’s easiest to make changes later. A kitchen splashback or some accessories such as small appliances, crockery and tea towels in your favourite colour can add instant personality and can be easily changed up later without costing too much money. If you are unsure and still a little bit hesitant about introducing colour to your kitchen then this might be a good way to get started, in a relatively risk-free way!

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