With so many kitchen furniture, worktops, appliances and overall designs available today, it can be difficult to get your head around what you like and what will work in your space. It is no secret that a new kitchen is a big investment, and one that you’re likely to want to live with for several years to come, so making the right choices in terms of style and materials that will last the test of time is paramount.

The biggest benefit of the timeless look is its all-round appeal. Whether you are looking to sell your property or are designing the kitchen to suit your own needs, opting for a timeless style will ensure it won’t date too quickly, and will be a good fit for the overall style of your property, whatever that may be.

The choice of materials, finishes and colours all go a long way to making a kitchen timeless and creating a sense of minimal calm. Look back at kitchen design from yesteryear and consider how some of the materials used then can be incorporated into the kitchen of today. Subdued colours and natural finishes are key, particularly for the work surface as a focal point of the room. This is one of the reasons why we are seeing such a high demand for marble-effect worktops, as this is a look that never goes out of fashion and blends well with materials such as glass and timber, plus neutral shades of furniture.

CRL Quartz Verona
CRL Quartz Calacatta

To achieve such a look, CRL Quartz Marble effect surfaces include styles that look just like the real thing while being extremely durable and easy to care for. From Verona which features an elegant, subtle grey-veined pattern on a white background, to Calacatta which looks like the on-demand eponym natural marble and is sure to become the focal point of any room, CRL Quartz marble effect surfaces offer the best of both worlds in terms of aesthetics and function. In fact, like all other materials by CRL Stone, the surfaces are scratch, heat and stain resistant, making them ideal for all busy areas of the home such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

In a larger kitchen, mixing surface materials can be an effective way to keep a timeless look while adding your unique stamp to an open-plan living environment, a very modern lifestyle choice where the different areas of the one space need to exist in harmony. Mixing materials will help zone the space which is particularly important if it is used for a variety of activities from dining to socialising. Some areas of the kitchen may require a more durable or water-resistant surface than others too, providing another opportunity to mix and match materials appropriately.

And for the brave owners looking to add pops of bright colours in their interior, small appliances, kitchenware and utensils, blinds, rugs and modern gadgets can be used to create a very personal touch to any interiors while keeping the expensive parts of the kitchen as timeless as possible

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