With the kitchen so often being a hive of activity and a multi-functional space in which we work, rest and play, it is common to wish there was more space or simply that the room looked and felt bigger.

While knocking down walls, extending on to the rear garden or side of the property and merging internal rooms are some of the physical ways that more space can be created, such solutions that add square footage are not always practical or achievable. However, there are lots of quite simple ways of making the kitchen feel and look bigger that don’t require reconfiguring layouts, structural work or even a great deal of budget.

1) Storage, is of course a huge advantage, with one of the most effective ways to make the kitchen look bigger being to rid it of clutter. Cupboard space is therefore key, with internal solutions that make sure all is tidy and organised behind closed doors also important. If you are worried about the addition of too much furniture making the room feel more cramped then consider base units with a reduced depth, that way they will encroach less. Cabinet doors with no handles also reduce the cluttered feeling from a visual perspective and leaves less hardware to be bumped into if the kitchen is compact. Overall, putting pots, pans, crockery and other essential kitchen items behind closed doors will free up worktop space and make the space look and feel more spacious as a result.

2) The way the kitchen is lit is all-important. Add lighting under, above and inside cupboards to make the kitchen feel brighter and bigger, rather than relying on a sole ceiling fixture in the centre of the room, which can make the edges of the space feel gloomy and unloved. Creating too many dark shadows visually shrinks the space, so the more light-filled your kitchen is the better.

3) Choose a light-coloured worktop. The eye is naturally drawn to work surfaces in the kitchen, making a white or light grey surface best for smaller spaces. As this covers quite a large expanse, it will then cater for darker furniture beneath without saturating the room of light and space. A thin worktop is also an effective way to make the overall look of the kitchen streamlined and uncluttered. CRL Quartz and Ceralsio ceramic surfaces worktops are respectively available in thicknesses of 20 or 30 mm, and in 12 mm. They are incredibly durable which means that there is no need to worry about abrasions and inconsistencies showing up in the lighter colour, even in the busy family kitchen where wear and tear is inevitable. Choose a polished finish worktop and splashback for an even more effective solution which will bounce light around the room.

4) Incorporate glass into your kitchen design – from glass fronted cabinets to a mirrored splash back, this is a material of the moment that performs a variety of visual tricks to make smaller spaces look and feel much bigger. It also combines seamlessly with other on-trend materials, from painted furniture through to marble-effect worktops, for an eclectic look that will transform the kitchen into the heart of the home.

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