6 January 2021

Updating your kitchen worksurfaces and splashbacks can have a dramatic impact on the whole look and feel of the space, making this a perfect task to get done as part of a spring refresh, without needing to attempt an all-out refit. Before you embark though, have a think about the latest trends in surface design, and how you can incorporate these into your kitchen to give the room a modern update. One look to consider is to embrace a dark worksurface.

Dark interiors on the whole are gaining in popularity right now; from deep accent colours on walls to all-round dark and moody schemes, there is a shift towards deeper shades of the colour spectrum. This trend is certainly being reflected in kitchen worktops and splashbacks, and this is an area of the room that really lends itself to embracing the look without having to be too daring.

Ceralsio Belvedere Black

It’s no secret that deep shades on worksurfaces, perhaps coupled with detailed patterning emulating the beauty of natural materials such as marble, can make a stunning focal point in the kitchen. But where has this trend towards the dark side sprung from? It has come about in large part due to the shift towards two tone kitchens. Dark worksurfaces and countertops can be offset by lighter furniture and bright ‘colour pops’ to ensure they work in any sized room and create an air of luxury and sophistication.

Belvedere Black, for example, is a ceramic surface which will make a striking impression in the modern setting, whether chosen in a Natural or Polished finish. Combine with other on-trend materials such as timber for a stunning effect, made all the more special with the beautiful marble-inspired patterning running throughout the surface.

Viewed by many as an accent colour, shades such as black and dark grey, when used on surfaces such as worktops and splashbacks can be used to make a room feel very inviting, particularly when combined with textured woods to add a rustic, homely charm. The perfect partner to natural materials such as wood in the kitchen, Ceralsio Marquina, for example, is a ceramic surface that is dark and sophisticated, with all the beauty of marble, including a subtle, white veining running throughout the surface, making it the centre of attention.

Inalco MDi Umbra Marron

Dark colours are also deemed to be quite timeless, which means they won’t make the space age too quickly, an important consideration when choosing things like work surfaces and tiling, as these are long-term fixtures. Umbria, for example, ensures that the use of grey in the kitchen will never get boring. The rich, dark tones of Umbria are offset by a lighter fleck running throughout the surface, while its textured finish is wonderfully tactile. Such rich, sumptuous dark shades can be teamed with similar dark shades in a large open-plan setting, or combined with lighter tones that help lift a more compact setting.

For ideas and inspiration on embracing the latest kitchen trend for dark worksurfaces in your own home this year, visit our gallery.

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