Considering a kitchen revamp in 2018? Take a look at the hottest trends to make sure your kitchen is on point.

Quartz & ceramic worktops: Homeowners are increasingly upgrading from laminate to quartz or ceramic worktops and this is a trend that looks set to continue in 2018. For a little extra investment, consumers have the peace of mind that a quartz or ceramic surface will be extremely easy to care for and will stand the test of time, being exceptionally resistant to daily wear and tear. With the move towards natural stone such as marble in the home too, quartz and ceramic offer the opportunity to include this look in the kitchen with none of the maintenance issues that such materials can bring. Upgrading from laminate in this way creates a luxury look that is well worth the investment.

Colour: Greenery was the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2017, pop legend Prince has had a shade of Purple named after him and Dulux has already announced that Heart Wood, a smoky taupe and dusky mauve shade, will be its colour for 2018. All the signs are pointing to another interesting year ahead for the use of colour in the kitchen, with of-the-moment shades used as an accent and contrasting perfectly with a crisp white or smoky grey worktop, or perhaps one that has been designed to resemble the natural markings of marble.

Industrial – Characterised by exposed bricks and pipes, rustic metals and minimalist fittings, the industrial look is inspired by factory settings and is a style that will be big news in the kitchen of 2018. This look combines brilliantly with materials such as quartz and ceramic, and lends itself to the tactile nature of a textured finish on worktops too.

CRL Quartz Calacatta
CRL Quartz Calacatta Dorado

Handle-free design – Minimal continues to be one of the watchwords of kitchen design as we move into 2018 and handleless furniture taps into this trend in style. The more simplistic the design the better, with this look lending itself to the move towards high gloss finishes in colours of the moment such as grey and white, and to the natural graining of timber all topped off with a marble-effect surface that brings a sense of warmth and character to a modern, sleek and flexible space.

Monochrome – Bold accent colours certainly have their place in the kitchen of 2018, but monochrome will also be getting a lot of attention. There has been a huge rise in popularity of grey, black and white tones in the kitchen, which can work to varying degrees, depending on the size and shape of the space. Choose them for an entire run of worktops or cabinets or as a subtle contrast through the addition of kitchen accessories. Monochrome may initially conjure up images of white and black, but look out for various shades of grey surfaces in 2018 too.

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