When it comes to designing or renovating a new kitchen, there’s a number of decisions to make – from selecting the style of the kitchen to which worktop material is best suited for your lifestyle. However, one of the most fundamental decisions around your kitchen design will be the colour scheme.

The colours you choose for your kitchen can alter the overall perception of the space, as well as influence the mood of anyone that spends time in it. When it comes to picking a colour scheme, you might have already considered one that features a white worktop, even if you’re not planning on an overall white kitchen design. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), 67% of members say white is their top choice for kitchens.

White is the ultimate blank canvas colour, it’s an extremely versatile colour that complements a huge range of architectural and design styles. It enables you to be creative with interior design and allows flexibility for those who want to switch up the look of their kitchen on a regular basis. White is also timeless style as well as the epitome of cleanliness – it’s no wonder that white kitchen worktops and white cabinets are such popular choices.

CRL Quartz Arctic Shimmer
CRL Quartz Reflection

When you are considering white worktops, different materials can affect the way the same shade of white appears. For example, white laminate worktops often appear a slightly creamier shade. Warmer whites will appear darker due to its yellow undertones. 

Whilst marble and granite offer a more ‘natural stone’ white, as they’re often a cooler white with blue and grey undertone. Cool whites will appear lighter and brighter to the naked eye. When it comes to quartz worktops though, where there is much more control over final colours and patterns, you’re spoilt for choice. 

Natural quartz is usually a clear or greyish colour and it often has a lot of impurities. So, when quartz is mixed with resin, it can create a dull white, making it difficult to make a very pure white quartz countertop. This is however a challenge that our production experts have been eager to take on. 

Since quartz worktops are made up of several components, including stone aggregates and resin, one white quartz surface may have a different tint to another, or one white worktop can appear brighter and whiter than another. These differences are dependent on how and where the quartz is manufactured. 

TWe manufacture a range of shades of white quartz kitchen worktops. The options may seem many, with subtle differences between them, but it’s worth taking the time to get this hardworking surface right to match the ambiance of your kitchen.

CRL Quartz Polar White – Crouch Design
CRL Quartz Chalk

We are able to offer this whitest of white quartz surface, as we’re lucky enough to source our quartz from a plant sited near natural white quartz, which is very rare and makes all the difference. Of course it’s not all down to just the raw materials; the secret also lies in the blending. Our quartz has been ground down into a very fine powder to achieve a solid pure white colour that leaves very little room for other non-white elements.

While an Ultra White worktop isn’t always what is needed, we’re proud to have achieved a solid white surface. We are also delighted to be able to offer a full range of white countertops, white with grey veining marble effect worktops and off-white counter surfaces. This range will enable kitchen designers and homeowners to best match their choice of white worktop to the overall design of a kitchen. 

Ready to embark on a white kitchen design? For the whitest white kitchen countertops, please see our Ultra White quartz worktop. To view our full quartz collection, visit our collections page or get a copy of our latest brochure containing design inspiration and specifications for all our quartz worktops.

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