2023 is set to be one of the biggest years yet for outdoor spaces, with our exteriors taking on more importance than ever before. This year’s garden trends see the exterior move much closer to the interior in terms of style and use, from paved patio areas that seamlessly blend indoors with outside, to outdoor kitchens that are perfect for home entertaining.

It used to be that, from a design aspect, the garden and home were thought of quite separately. However, the garden has become such an important space and part of our lifestyles, that it’s now treated just like any living space inside the home. From outdoor kitchens that offer a luxury upgrade on a standard fair-weather barbecue, to cocktail bars and outdoor cinemas, living life in the great outdoors, albeit at home, has never been more on trend.

So now it’s time to give your exterior some love and care, with a particular focus on ensuring balance and cohesion between the indoors and out through your use of materials, finishes and colours.

Ceramic and Inalco MDi flooring for inside and outside
Your choice of flooring is an important part of this. Opting for the same or very similar flooring for the kitchen and adjoining exterior space creates a seamless sense of flow. It helps to draw the eye outside from the kitchen and vice versa, resulting in a cohesive look.

Inalco MDi Iseo Gris
Inalco MDi Storm Negro

But here’s the catch – the flooring chosen must be suitable for all weathers – frost-proof and slip resistant, but UV resistant too, to ensure its colour won’t fade from exposure to direct sunlight. The good news is that Ceralsio ceramic and Inalco MDi offer all these qualities and more, making them an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor spaces. They are perfect for barbecues outdoors on sunny days and wining and dining with friends and family inside when the great British weather inevitably takes hold. The material’s resistance to UV rays, along with the range of thicknesses available, mean they are often now chosen for exterior cladding too. Ceralsio and Inalco MDi surfaces are colourfast despite the passing of time and result in a high-end look when used in this way.

Choose Ceralsio and Inalco MDi colours for consistency
With many finishes available, it can be difficult to settle on a preferred colour choice for your new flooring or cladding. Choosing a natural-effect surface, like Ceralsio Stone or Inalco MDi Iseo Gris , will bring the outdoors in and vice versa. And surfaces like Croma White and Croma Grey are ideal for creating a contemporary indoor-outdoor space that runs on a continuous finish.

Extending the season with Glass Rooms
With more focus on creating sociable spaces, it’s no surprise that so many of us want to make the most of their outdoors. The great British weather doesn’t always lend itself to these plans though, so consider incorporating a firepit or some outdoor lighting to make your outdoor socialising more enjoyable. For a little more permanent all-year option, opt for a Glass Room that will see you through the seasons while being a seamless extension of your home.

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