26 April 2022

As the calendar ticks round to the warmer months of the year, it is the perfect time to spruce up our outdoor spaces and get ready for some summer entertaining and outdoor living. However, with the great British weather being so reliably unpredictable, knowing which materials to opt for and having half an eye on creating an inside outside kitchen for the best of all worlds are sensible priorities.

Connecting the kitchen and garden

Having a kitchen space with a line of sight and, even better, direct access to the outdoors offers the best of all worlds. For family barbecues and get-togethers with friends, there’s extra space outside if needed and you’re able to take shelter quickly should the rain start to fall. Enjoying beautiful views of the garden in a kitchen that is full of natural light is also good for your sense of wellbeing year-round, when it’s too chilly to spend too much time outside.

Think about the positioning of your work space in the kitchen – is it possible to integrate the sink or the hob into an island so you haven’t got your back to the view while cooking? Is it possible to join the kitchen to the garden with bi-fold doors for easy access? While these are all important questions to ask during the planning stages of a new kitchen, there are also some quite simple changes you can make to an existing layout to take advantage of the indoor-outdoor trend.

One of these is to consider the décor – opting for a neutral colour scheme that is inspired by nature is a great starting point. Consider also the use of materials – those that are often found in nature, such as wood and stone work particularly well here. Importantly too, think about the flooring – choosing a surface that is suitable for the kitchen and for use outside, like Ceralsio, achieves a seamless sense of flow.

Ceralsio Croma Grey & Croma White
Inalco MDi Storm Negro

Cooking al fresco

Whether or not the layout of your home lends itself to the creation of the perfect indoor-outdoor space, the trend for outdoor kitchens is also on the rise, with plenty of options to enable you to bring the prep, cooking and dining outside, weather permitting.

Again, blurring the lines between inside and outside by matching the flooring throughout offers the best of both worlds without needing to physically add a new space – great news if you’re revamping on a budget.

Get outside with Ceralsio

When considering flooring options for your patio or other outdoor seating area one of the most important qualities it must have is durability. While you can escape the worst of weather by heading for your kitchen, this is a material that is going to be subject to all weathers and sometimes several of them in the space of just one day!

Check the UV resistance of your favoured material too – it’s important to ensure the floor will remain colourfast even over time, despite often being in direct sunlight. And when thoughts turn to the colder months of the year, a material like Ceralsio is resistant to frost and ice, so you won’t be left with cracks or other damage when the weather thaws.

Practicalities taken care of and the only thing left is to chose your flooring style. And that’s where Ceralsio really delivers, with a wide range of options to suit any home whether it be inside, or outside living.

Inalco MDi Iseo Gris
Inalco MDi Silk Negro

Why not view the range and get planning your all-weather outdoor space?

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