16 October 2020

When you think of your dream kitchen, it’s most likely to be spacious, light and airy, but the reality is often a lot different. If your kitchen lacks space, there are an abundance of compact kitchen ideas to tap into that will maximise on efficiency and style.

We’ve put together some top tips to help make the most of a compact kitchen.

• Use co-ordinated materials and colours, for a sleek and minimal look. When space is limited less is more, so opt for a neutral colour scheme and materials that match rather than contrast to create a streamlined and calming finish.

• Opt for light colours, as the lighter the kitchen, the larger it can feel. Bring nature indoors with materials such as wood and stone-effect Ceralsio Ceramic and Inalco MDi and keep a light palette on worktops, splashbacks and walls to help the kitchen feel more open. Inalco MDi Pacific Blanco works well in this regard, for example.

• Add an island. This may seem like strange advice for a small kitchen, but an island unit is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can double up as extra storage and seating area so worth considering when space allows. A slim island can fit into a narrow room, while a unit on rollers can be moved to one side when it’s not being used. If floor space is particularly limited, don’t despair, as a floating shelf or table can be folded down when not in use or a small table can double as dining and food prep spot. The key is to incorporate worktop space, and the more flexible the better.

• If an island unit is an option in your kitchen, why not make it stand out? Choose a surface that draws the eye, such as marble-effect Carrara Vagli to make it look really special.

• Choose hardwearing surfaces. Natural materials look luxurious but for a kitchen that gets lots of use, a material such as ceramic offers a much higher level of durability. The Ceralsio colour palette is perfect for small kitchens, with a wide array of nature-inspired styles that are as luxe as the real thing.

• Add lights to shelving and furniture. Introducing as much light as possible will make a small space look and feel bigger and will ensure you are not left cooking in a dimly lit area. Add spotlights or LED light strips near cabinets and shelves to really brighten things up.

Ceralsio Statuario

• Clear the countertops. Introduce as much storage space as possible to keep surfaces clear, as too much clutter will make any space feel much smaller. Keep things organised internally too, with drawer organisers, spice racks and plate stackers to maximise on kitchen storage and create a streamlined, well-organised space that is easy to live with.

• Remember it’s not just dinnerware and cooking ingredients that can be concealed. Appliances placed behind cabinet doors is a contemporary approach to kitchen design that is particularly beneficial in the compact kitchen.

• Introduce pattern. A marble-inspired worktop or splashback, for example, will add instant personality and works a dream alongside a simplistic colour palette.

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