If you’re looking to sell your home then the way to capturing the heart of a prospective buyer could well be through the kitchen. Estate agents estimate that a new kitchen can add up to 7% value to a property, so if you do have budget to make some improvements before going to market, the kitchen is where you are likely to see the biggest return.

This is because the kitchen is the showpiece of our homes – we don’t just cook in it, the kitchen is now a multi-functional space and very much at the heart of family life. Be realistic though, a brand-new kitchen will set you back anything upwards of £10,000, while adding an average of £4,500 to a home’s value.

A complete kitchen re-fit may not be on the cards if your view is to sell up, but there are ways to give the space a lift to make it attractive for viewings without breaking the bank. If you are able to make changes then concentrate on highly visible areas of the kitchen, such as the worktops. New worksurfaces will make the whole kitchen feel different, adding to the feeling of cleanliness and hygiene. Opt for an on-trend style such as marble-effect quartz or ceramic which will add an air of luxury to whole room and create an unforgettable first impression among potential homebuyers.

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Replacing cabinet doors will have a similar effect, again because this is a very visual change. If the budget won’t stretch to changing them completely then consider painting them instead, which will give the room a fresh new look. Be careful when choosing colours though; it’s best to choose neutral colours that will provide a blank slate for new owners who will want to put their own stamp on what is a very personal space.

Another simple yet highly effective change to make ahead of marketing is to improve your kitchen’s lighting. So often lighting is left as an afterthought, yet it can really enhance the overall appearance and feel of the space. Cleverly planned lighting can create the right ambience, whether the kitchen is being used for cooking and dining or relaxing and socialising. On the flipside, a dimly lit kitchen can make the kitchen appear smaller and uninviting, particularly when natural light is lacking too.

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Making some quick and simple changes will make all the difference without blowing your budget. Replace a single pendant with a new unit with halogen bulbs, for example, for more adequate task lighting. Under unit lighting is inexpensive too, and really helps to create a warm and welcoming ambience. Also consider some carefully positioned spotlights to draw the eye to particular features of the kitchen that you are proud of. Just don’t forget to switch the lights on before any viewings!

One tip that doesn’t cost anything yet will make a big impact on viewers is to tidy up. Ensure that all the kitchen surfaces are free of clutter, all dishes are put away and that the space is spotlessly clean.

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