16 June 2017

Reconnecting with nature is a key trend in our modern lifestyles, and one that homeowners are increasingly keen to embrace through their own interior design choices. While we may be more accustomed to clean lines and polished, glossy finishes, in the kitchen and bathroom there is a marked shift towards raw, rough textures, which are more commonly associated with the natural world around us. That’s not to say that sleek finishes are redundant, but rather that they are being fused with this trend for texture and stone worktops to create a look that is fast becoming known as ‘rough luxe’.

Materials that are commonly associated with this look are wood and stone, bringing the outside in with natural markings and imperfections simply adding to the sense of style that they create.

7 materials suitable for creating the rough luxe look:

The kitchen and bathroom are the perfect places to experiment with industrial materials and raw finishes such as exposed brickwork, un-polished plaster work, marble and concrete.
Bringing the outside in, the natural markings and imperfections simply add to the sense of style that they create. Stone worktops and surfaces in a textured finish offer an ideal way to incorporate this trend into your own home, adding warmth, character and individuality as well as that all-important visual interest.

Inalco MDi Storm Negro dark worktops
Inalco MDi Storm Negro

Balancing act

The key to success with this look is to strike the right balance between rough and smooth, with porcelain offering the best of both worlds from one material as it can be chosen in a textured, natural or polished finish. Perhaps team a textured kitchen worktop or bathroom countertop with natural porcelain floor tiles, or opt for tiles with a polished finish for a splashback, which will make a rustic statement when teamed with architectural features such as wooden beams or an exposed brick wall. Alternatively, opt for a worktop in a smooth finish to add contrast to raw materials such as exposed woodwork beneath.

Colour and contrast

Colourwise, crisp white works well when combined with such ‘industrial’ materials, while the trend for grey in the kitchen and bathroom also lends itself to the rough luxe movement. Think bold, bright colours if the room is compact, while darker shades can be introduced in larger spaces that have lots in the way of natural light.

Add contrast to this with some metal finishes, such as chrome brassware, and gold or copper accessories for a glamorous look in the bathroom. In the kitchen, high gloss furniture is the perfect partner to the rough luxe look, adding a modern twist to what is fast becoming a design classic.

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