Constantly on show and often in use, being able to keep your kitchen and bathroom surfaces looking as good as new is likely to influence your purchasing decision. Materials such as marble, granite and even concrete are very popular in interior design currently, with a natural beauty that is undeniable. However, looking after such materials is hard work, particularly when used in the kitchen and bathroom which are notoriously wet and humid areas.

What is required is a material that is hard-wearing and low maintenance, two qualities that quartz and ceramic both have in abundance. These highly durable materials can be chosen in a style that resembles some of the most popular materials of the moment, yet with none of the headache over maintenance and everyday care. For example, quartz and ceramic never need to be sealed – they are non-porous materials (so won’t be damaged by water or similar substances) and are scratch and stain resistant making them ideal for use as kitchen worktops and bathroom countertops as well as floor tiles and wall cladding.

Cleaning a quartz or ceramic worktop or other surface takes very little in the way of elbow grease, even in the busiest of bathrooms or kitchens, which is great news when time is precious and you’re not a lover of cleaning. Simply wipe the surface with a cloth or non-abrasive sponge dipped in warm, soapy water. A similar material and cleaning liquid that you would use to clean your dishes is fine and saves having to pay out for different products, not to mention finding somewhere to store them. In fact, it is recommended to avoid any cleaning fluids that contain chemicals, acid, ammonia or bleach altogether for materials such as quartz and ceramic.

Although ceramic and quartz surfaces are scratch resistant and easy to keep clean, it is advisable to invest in a good chopping board to keep them looking as good as new. This will reduce contact with food and drinks that contain acid, such as tomatoes and lemon juice. Quartz and ceramic are heat resistant too, but it is always wiser to place hot pots and pans on a trivet.

Spillages are part and parcel of life in the busy family home and these are quickly wiped away on a quartz or ceramic surface. If tough stains do stick remove them with a plastic spatula or similar which is flat, non-bladed and won’t damage the surface. Any streaks on polished surfaces can be wiped clear with a glass cleaner and dry cleaning cloth for a sparkling finish to keep your surface looking as good as new.

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