6 July 2021

The kitchen is where we spend the bulk of our time while we’re at home, so having a functional, well thought out design plan is important to create a kitchen that works for you and your family. Here we offer some top tips for designing your dream kitchen.

Go ideas gathering – spend time on Pinterest and invest in a few interiors magazines and let your imagination run free. This is a great process for deciding on your likes and dislikes that you can then pass on to your designer. Grab paint samples, take pictures of materials and colours you love and even put them all into a moodboard. The more ideas you have the better.

Think about how it will be used – this won’t necessarily be the same as the way you use the kitchen at the moment. Do you want to use the re-designed space purely for cooking? Will it need to incorporate a dining table too? How many family members does it need to accommodate? Do you have dreams of using the kitchen to entertain too? Jot all this down and try think without limits at this stage – your designer will do their best to make the space work in the way that you want and use their expertise to ensure the materials selected are appropriate too.

Plan in your appliances – the oven, hob, dishwasher and even the fridge freezer are integral to the kitchen so don’t get too far along in planning your dream kitchen without sparing these some thought. How big your appliances need to be will depend on your cooking habits and the size of your household. Whereabouts they are situated in the kitchen will go a long way to determining the layout of the room overall.

Make materials matter – a new kitchen is a big investment and you will want your dream space to look good for a long time to come. That means choosing materials that will not only last but that are simple to care for and to clean. Worktops get the most wear and tear so be sure to go for durability here. Materials like Ceralsio ceramics and CRL Quartz have all the beauty of natural stone but are non-porous, so they stand up to scratches and stains very well. They also don’t need any special cleaning agents to maintain them.

Ceralsio Croma Grey & Croma White

Take it beyond the kitchen – indoor outdoor kitchens are a big trend and with the unreliable British weather, it’s easy to understand why! Link the kitchen to your garden with fully glazed doors so your home’s exterior can be enjoyed all year round. This is a great idea if you love to socialise, for those summer barbecues and even Christmas occasions! Your choice of flooring will be important here though, as by using the same floor through the inside and outdoors space you can create a seamless flow. Make sure the material you choose is UV stable, like Ceralsio, as this will mean the flooring won’t fade even when it’s in direct sunlight.

Add the wow factor – make a visual statement even if you’re not blessed with a huge amount of space by taking to the walls! Wall cladding is an excellent way of doing this, really drawing the eye to a certain part of the room, reflecting the light to make the room feel more spacious. Choose a ceramic surface like Ceralsio in a 6mm thickness for this and it will be very simple to wipe clean too – perfect for families with little people among their number!

Ceralsio Belvedere Black

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