1 February 2022

The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the busiest areas of the home. They’re high traffic which means having a tough surface underfoot is crucial, they’re prone to splashing and spillages so spill and stain resistance is important and they are often the spaces we want to show off the most, which makes choosing surfaces based on their style and visual appeal key too. For all these reasons Ceralsio is the ideal floor and wall covering solution.

What makes Ceralsio ceramic a good choice practically?
One of the main reasons why ceramic is such a great flooring option is that it is tough. Ceralsio is a highly durable material, so regardless of whether it is chosen for your hallway and kitchen where there is lots of traffic or for less busy spaces like the bathroom, it will withstand the general wear and tear of family life.

Its scratch and stain resistance make it ideal for splashbacks in the kitchen and bathroom, or even whole feature walls. And because Ceralsio is weather resistant it won’t be impacted by frost and ice or direct sunlight. This is why it is now often chosen as an outdoor flooring option for patios and rear garden spaces, seamlessly leading on from the kitchen for an indoor-outdoor look.

Ceralsio Grassi White
Ceralsio Pietra Grey

But isn’t ceramic too thick for floors and wall cladding?
Ceralsio is available three thicknesses – 6mm, 12mm and 20mm – with the thinnest two of these being ideal for use on walls and floors. Despite the slim profile, the material remains just as solid and impact resistant.

Grout lines can be difficult to keep clean, is there a way of avoiding them with a ceramic kitchen splashback or bathroom floor?
Large format slabs reduce the amount of grout needed and, in many cases, can remove the need for it altogether. On large expanses of walls and floors where a seamless finish is important, Ceralsio slabs offer the perfect solution.

Ceralsio Carrara Vagli
Ceralsio Statuario

What about style choice? Is this limited with ceramic?
So another of the many great things about Ceralsio is the amount of styles it comes in. From classic soft and neutral shades through to bold marble-inspired patterning there is a surface to suit all tastes and all decors. This means of course that you can use your floors and walls to add vibrancy and personality, as well as to ensure the whole look works together well. New flooring or a change of splashback can add new life to an existing setting too and with so many styles to choose from, the latest trends in interior design can be incorporated into your home with ease.

Remember though that the colour or pattern chosen for your floors and walls should complement the design of the rest of the room, particularly when the layout is open-plan so always visible.

Opt for a stone-effect ceramic to bring nature indoors and create a sense of calm, or choose a bold marble-effect pattern to make a visual statement on a feature wall, perhaps with more muted tones elsewhere.

Read about all the advantages of Ceralsio to find out more.

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