With CRL Quartz Verona being a super stylish and practical surface for the kitchen, it more than met the needs of a modern family home in Hertfordshire when the ground floor was transformed into an open-plan kitchen, dining and living space.

The property may have been modern in style, but the kitchen in this four-bedroom house was tired and badly in need of updating so that it better suited the needs of the lifestyle of its owners. Loving to spend time together and wanting to make the most of the ample natural light on offer, the family decided to extend the ground floor of the house, to create an open-plan, multi-functional space that enjoys views out towards the back garden.

Large spaces are great for growing families but can often feel a little overwhelming and inviting. To get over this challenge, the homeowners, who designed the new space themselves, chose to zone the space, with defined areas for cooking, dining and relaxing that create a sense of calm and order. The colour scheme chosen overall for this extended space is rich and inviting, with warm tones that the large room can comfortably accommodate thanks to the natural light that floods in from the vast number of windows that surround it. As part of the zoning process, paler shades have been chosen for the kitchen area to give the space a functional feel with its own sense of pared back style.

Against this thoroughly modern yet effortlessly timeless colour scheme sit CRL Quartz Verona work surfaces, a material chosen for this project due to its sheer versatility and durability. Verona does bear a striking resemblance to the natural stone that is now so popular in interior design, yet is superior in terms of its practical appeal in the kitchen, being extremely simple to maintain which is an essential quality in this busy family home which is used for preparing food, mealtimes and socialising in almost equal measure.

Tapping into the trend for grey tones in the kitchen, as seen throughout this extended ground floor space, Verona is a marble-effect quartz surface that emulates all the beauty of the real thing, while being extremely easy to care for and highly suitable for the kitchen environment. Scratch, stain and heat resistant, spillages can be quickly wiped away and pots and pans can be placed directly on to the surface, saving time and stress when preparing meals. Combining beautifully with stainless steel appliances and the other materials chosen for this open-plan space, the surface is completely at home here and is a very visible feature, thanks to its distinctive marble-effect veining that runs throughout.

The result is a sociable, family space that caters for the needs of the homeowners now and for the future thanks to the longevity of the design and the materials chosen, not least the CRL Quartz surfaces.

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