7 July 2019

Small bathrooms are something of the norm in the UK, with an average of 8ft by 6ft of floor space to work with. When you consider that the standard bath size will take up around a quarter of this, there is not likely to be too much room for manoeuvre.

With the general advice being to opt for a light and natural colour scheme in compact spaces to make them feel bigger, the temptation can often be to play things safe and go neutral in the small bathroom. While this is a good idea in principle, in reality this can mean the bathroom ends up being a functional and sterile space. With the bathroom being a place of sanctuary, relaxation and comfort, regardless of its size it is far better to inject personality, warmth and character and there are lots of methods of doing so without it becoming overbearing or claustrophobic.

Ceralsio Carrara Vagli

Small touches = big impact

Introduce a mixture of materials and don’t be afraid to combine and contrast – this will create an eclectic look and give you lots of opportunity to add your own personality. A wood furniture unit, for example, can be jazzed up to great effect with some colourful handles, while choosing brassware in a matt black or brushed nickel or even antique copper finish will make all the difference to a standard ceramic washbasin or acrylic bath. The good news here is that there is no requirement for a time-consuming and costly refit of the entire bathroom, as these quick and simple changes will help give a tired bathroom a fresh new look and will make a big impact in a small space.

Surface style

Compact bathrooms don’t lend themselves to having too much other than what is really necessary added to them in terms of fixtures and fittings, so concentrate instead on the overall structure of the space. Surfaces such as bathroom countertops, walls and floors, for example, are some of the largest areas within the small space so offer a big opportunity to really make a difference. Choose a countertop that sits in contrast to your washbasin in terms of colour for more of that eclectic styling that we detailed earlier, and consider adding a tactile finish to your bathroom with a textured surface, such as Ceralsio Oatmeal. Make this the area of the bathroom that the eye is naturally drawn to, by introducing a touch of luxury with a marble-inspired surface like Ceralsio Statuario – it will turn the washbasin into a focal point and add huge personality while allowing for a neutral base to be chosen for the remainder of the room.

Inalco MDi Petra Crema

Ultimately, there are lots of ways to soften an otherwise cold, clinical bathroom and the trick is to have fun warming it up – opt for white tiles with deep painted walls elsewhere, choose beautifully rich textiles and bold coloured accessories or even put your favourite artwork above the toilet. Who says small can’t be beautiful too?

For more design inspiration for your bathroom browse the CRL Stone Photo Gallery.

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