There is a lot to be said for a traditional look kitchen. This is a style that has a timeless appeal, which is good news when you consider the investment being made in a new kitchen is likely to be quite high, both in cost and time. While a traditional kitchen will not date, it is also a space full of character and warmth, with a homely appeal that is wonderfully inviting.

A classic kitchen can bring charm to a modern property as well as being quite at home in a period-style setting, making it a versatile option too. And as for catering for our modern way of living, a traditionally-styled kitchen is ideal for multi-functional family life.

What materials work well in a traditional kitchen?

Natural and nature-inspired materials create the homely, warm feel that is synonymous with the traditional style of kitchen. Think wood, stone and raw materials like exposed brickwork. Earthy tones work really well in this space, creating a rustic feel and can easily be mixed and matched to create an individual space with plenty of personality.

A word of caution though – because the kitchen is a busy space, prone to scuffs, stains and spillages make sure the materials used are suitable for such an environment. For worktops, for instance, a quartz surface offers a very high level of durability and is scratch, water and stain resistant.

CRL Quartz can be chosen in a marble-inspired style like River White or stone-effect like Kalahari, which ties in excellently with traditional décor, yet more than meets the demands of our modern way of life.

And if your kitchen is thoroughly modern and you’re considering adding a traditional element, introducing these materials is the perfect way of achieving the best of both worlds.

Is it okay to choose a colourful kitchen and still be traditional?

Colour plays a big role in the traditional kitchen, enhancing the timeless appeal when chosen well. Colour in a kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to mean bright or loud; muted tones can be just as effective. Using deep blues and greens are popular choices that always stand the test of time, blending perfectly with the nature-inspired material choices we remarked on earlier.

Why not add a contemporary twist with a crisp white worksurface like Polar White to change things up as a striking contrast? As ever, remember to stick to lighter, pastel-based shades in smaller spaces whereas large kitchens with ample natural light can usually accommodate darker tones.

What kind of storage works best in a traditional kitchen?

When you think of a traditional-style kitchen you may imagine a classic pantry and full-length larder. Such options are undoubtedly ideal for keeping worktop clutter to a minimum and creating a sense of order. These are storage options that, if space allows, are a dream if you love baking, creating as they do a Great British Bake Off effect.

Mix things up with some open storage solutions too, with shelves to display your finest crockery and cookbooks all adding to the charm. Whether you want to opt for fitted furniture or freestanding units, storage in the traditional kitchen should be both functional and decorative.

It’s the detail that counts

The traditional kitchen is a space that is full of personality and it’s often the personal touches that make it so. Don’t be afraid to change things up with patterned wallpaper or simply add a decorative tablecloth to a dining table to add character. It’s the smaller, finishing touches that will really make the traditional kitchen feel like home, after all.

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