27 July 2022

Accent, or feature walls are a key trend in interior design. As the ground floor of our properties become more open plan and the kitchen blends with the living area, making a statement in this bold way has never been so popular.

Where in the past going bold in the kitchen may have involved a bright splashback or colourful cabinetry, a feature wall takes this idea to a new level for the contemporary home. Evolving from a simple painted or even wall-papered wall, modern materials make it possible to create a focal point in a whole new way.

In the kitchen in particular, it’s important that function meets style, with surfaces including the walls needing to be easy to clean, water and even stain resistant. Where painting and papering may not quite make the grade, materials like Ceralsio and Inalco MDi are the perfect solution.

Inspired by nature, this large format surface was made to be used on feature walls and is available in a range of styles which feature textures, colours and finishes that stimulate the senses.

The collection gives you the freedom to go bold, with marble-inspired patterning like Statuario creating a striking contrast to sophisticated dark furniture or crisp, white surfaces. In fact, a feature wall is the perfect way to add the trend for patterning to your home. There’s no rule to say you need to stop at one feature wall either. The bigger the space, the more it will lend itself to accent walls – why not add two contrasting styles in different areas of an open-plan kitchen to add visual interest and help define the various areas? With over 20 styles in the Inalco MDi range, there are plenty of options.

Hardwearing, extremely durable and resistant to heat, water and stains, the material is also available in several thicknesses, including a 6mm profile that makes it great for installing as wall cladding.

Likewise, adding a feature in this way also offers the opportunity to experiment with different finishes. Think Croma White in a natural finish, combined with the wonderfully tactile textured finish of Pacific Gris used as a juxtaposition and just one of many examples of how to create an individual kitchen with your choice of wall coverings.

Inalco MDi Pacific Gris
Inalco MDi Iseo Gris

If you’re keen to keep things simple in your interior designer choices, a feature wall can be a powerful way of complementing an all-white scheme, or as a way of highlighting a feature area. A floor-to-ceiling stone-inspired accent wall, like Iseo Gris adds an earthy, textural layer that is visually interesting and full of warmth.

Media walls are a particular trend for 2022, with a family TV and entertainment centre or even a fireplace showcased beautifully when surrounded by a beautiful wall surface. Such an idea is a powerful way of defining your living space and separating it visually from your kitchen in an open-plan setting. Add some clever lighting and shelving for instant character and just the right ambience.

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